Consumer Ethics

Topics: Counterfeit, Economics, Slavery Pages: 3 (973 words) Published: August 17, 2008
Consumer Ethics

“If you can’t make it, just fake it,” states Gernhauser (2007, p 318). Because of the constant change of styles and trends, our society is often affected by who buys what. Instead of buying fake goods to fit into today’s society, the focus of the consumer should be buying what looks good rather than focusing on where it came from. Consuming counterfeits does not only affect the US society, but other countries as well.

Behind consuming counterfeits, there is a farther depth most people do not ever think about or realize. Goodwin indicates that by buying fake goods, you are supporting the horrendous conditions that children who are forced to work are put through. Oftentimes as Americans, we are pressured to buy expensive goods from designer names but do not realize the background behind that object. Truth is, that behind the production of those fake goods, there are children suffering in labor work. Buying counterfeits just makes the consumer in favor of putting these underage children in such deplorable conditions. According to Goodwin, these children are treated as if they were victims of slavery and are often required to work from sunrise to sunset. Children are suffering in labor work in other countries trying to earn a living, treated as if they were slaves, and here are consumers buying those fake goods supporting this type of injustice. Even though it may not be done knowingly, this is something people should be aware of before consuming these counterfeits from foreign countries.

Consuming counterfeit products also have a great influence on the world economy. The economy ends up losing money because of these counterfeits. For instance, people would rather have a fake handbag that costs less than half of the original‘s price, rather than paying a fortune for the genuine handbag. These counterfeit manufacturers do such a good job in making these bags that only the original designer can tell the difference with the naked eye. This makes...
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