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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Labeling of consumer products can promote sustainable comsumption In recent years we've seen an increase in people wanting more information about the health, safety and environmental characteristics of the food they eat, from the nutritional content and presence of allergens to the ways in which products are grown and processed. In turn, food producers are putting a greater focus on the consumers' wants and needs, so labels are becoming increasingly important.Therefore I agree to the topic “”. Nowadays,we will normally find a list of ingredients and quantities, some type of date marking, instructions about how to prepare or preserve the food and contact information for the producer. A number of countries also have labels with information about the nutrient contents.So,this can make the customers have a better understanding about their products and can attract them to buy it. Firstly, having clear labels helps people to compare and understand the differences between food products. For example, two breakfast cereals may look alike, but one may contain a lot of fibre, another a lot of sugar so they are actually different in terms of nutritional value. Labels can also protect people who have particular health risks. You may not be able to tell, for example, that a product contains nuts or large quantities of saturated fat just by looking at it, but for someone who has severe nut allergies or heart disease, this is critical information. Secondly, people need information about how to prepare foods properly to ensure that they are eating safe foods. Labels also help people make choices that reflect their beliefs, like choosing "fair trade" products or products that are part of a cultural heritage.So,when the consumers found that the ingredients or nutritionous value of the product is most suitable for them,they are willing to buy it although the product maybe expensive than the other similar products.So labeling definitely will aid in the sustainable comsumption among...
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