Consumer Durable Insustry

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  • Published : November 23, 2010
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The impact of advertisement on the buying behavior with reference to the consumer durables 1. Introduction

2. Theoritical background of the study

1. Advertising and advertisements
2. Advertisers
3. Advertising agencies
4. Support organization
5. Media
6. Consumers
7. Advertising as marketing tool
8. Role of advertising in modern business world
1. Industry background

1. Refrigerator industry
1. Design of the study

1. Statement of the problem
2. Need for the study
3. Operational definitions of the study
1. Sources of the data

1. Data collection instrument
2. Data processing and analysis
1. Outcome of the study

2. Analysis and interpretation

3. Conclusion

Abstract : Theses

The consumer durable industry in the past few years has seen tremendous growth. Advancements in the technology, government support and increased level of interest among the private players into the industry has given rise to the healthy competition between the various brands. Different companies are using different advertisement strategies for building and managing of brands. Advertising in electronic media and newspapers are key advertising areas in designing the advertising strategy. This study was carried out to identify the advertising strategies of different companies and to know the impact of advertisements on building and managing of brands in consumer durable industry. As there are many products that come under consumer durables, it is necessary to choose one product among them in order for market research. Hence this study was done in consumer durable industry in general and refrigerators in particular. This was research also done to identify the major influence of advertising in buying the favorite brand and to identify the impact of electronic...
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