Consumer Culture and Purchase Intentions Towards Fashion Apparel

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Consumer Culture and Purchase Intentions towards Fashion Apparel

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March 2010



This study examines the effectiveness of different fashion marketing strategies and analyzes of the consumer behavior in a cross-section of demographic settings in reference to fashion apparel retailing. This paper also discusses the marketing competencies of fashion apparel brands and retailers in reference to brand image, promotions, and externalmarket knowledge. The study examines the determinants of consumer behavior and their impact on purchase intentions towards fashion apparel. The results reveal that sociocultural and personality related factors induce the purchase intentions among consumers. One of the contributions that this research extends is the debate about the converging economic, cognitive and brand related factors to induce purchase intentions. Fashion loving consumers typically patronage multi-channel retail outlets, designer brands, and invest time and cost towards an advantageous product search. The results of the study show a positive effect of store and brand preferences on developing purchase intentions for fashion apparel among consumers.


Consumer behavior, purchase intention, socio-cultural values, designer brands, store brands, fashion apparel, brand promotion, personalization, fashion retailing, psychographic drivers


Consumer Culture and Purchase Intentions towards Fashion Apparel Introduction Globalization has catalyzed the growth of fashion industry and the marketplace attractions have driven the cultural attributes of consumers significantly across various consumer segments. Shifts in the cultural values, consumer preferences, and purchase intentions towards designer products is arguably the most critical issue faced by the marketing managers today. Many researchers argue that increasing globalization is reducing the homogeneity of consumer behaviors within countries, while increasing communalities across countries (Cleveland and Laroche, 2007). Most firms manufacturing designer apparel are trying to bridge intercultural differences and building cultural consonance across consumer segments on a variety of contexts that stimulates interest in fashion apparel. Customer centric market strategy developed on self-esteem attributes of consumer is used by the firms to enhance purchase intentions towards fashion apparel (Horowitz, 2009).

Powerful market stimulants such as fashion shows on television, fashion advertisements, in-store displays, and fashion events in the urban shopping malls have influenced the transnational cosmopolitanism among consumers. Such interactive marketing strategies of fashion apparel have shown convergence of traditional and modern values and lifestyle to develop a homogeneous global consumer culture. The conventional method of using societal icons as the cultural drivers have now been replaced by global fashion players with flagship brands as a basis for product position and market segmentation. It is found that multi-channel systems of brand building and differentiation influence the consumers

towards fashion apparel and need is created at local levels supportive of, and constituted by, cultural industries. The Italian city of Milan shows how the city has became a destination brand, where different various channels are being negotiated and integrate

service fashion and design branding strategies (Jasson and Power, 2010).

Globalization and increasing competition, and short product life cycles in fashion retailing cultivate asymmetric consumer behavior and pose a number of marketing challenges for retail firms in Mexico. In order to survive in this industry, it is vital for...
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