Consumer Culture

Topics: Sociology, Criminology, Crime Pages: 10 (4163 words) Published: November 7, 2012
Consumer Culture and Contemporary Youth Crime

What is consumer coulter and what role does it play in contemporary youth crime? Criminologists have long been alive to discover the connections between consumer culture and criminality, and recently there has been an increased focus on the issue (Taylor 1999; Young 1999, 2007; Hayward 2004; Hall et al. 2008). Consumerism is identified to exist globally, from the media, technology, fashion, music and sports; it has placed an influence amongst individuals. Society has been influenced by having an organized thought on consumption and culture in the modern world this will go more in depth throughout the essay. In this exploratory it will explain and identify how consumer culture plays a role within contemporary youth crime it will be substantiate using modernist theories to provide an explanation on the various different concepts of how consumerism has an effect on young people within society and how criminality behavior is developed through the influence of consumer culture. The essay will give an historical background on how consumer culture evolved, it will also include statistics of the most persistent crimes performed by young people and how it is related to consumerism, criminologists such as Robert Merton, researcher David Moxon will be presented throughout the work. The consumer society first came to existence during the industrial revolution before the late eighteenth century in England and between the nineteenth century in Western Europe and North America, this society became more own willing to perpetuate (Miles. S, 2008) the evolution of consumption is regarded to be a normal way of life in other words; Consumerism appears to have become a part and parcel of the very fabric of modern life. (Milles. S, 1998). In the past people lived in rural areas and worked on farms, and did a lot of agriculture. Fashion and technology did not exist, clothing and house hold possessions were man made. There was not an existence of an oppressive society which would encourage people to make a new purchase on major items such as a new winter coat. Winter coats were expected to last a life time and more were often passed from one generation to other.(Goodwin. N, 2008).

Young people are living in a quagmire society where “different version” of cars, new technology and gangster rap music are constantly being advertised and become pronominanly the focus of the press. Young people are consuming when they observe the media which uses icons and celebrities that youths look up to for example Nike have featured superstar footballers in order to attract consumers, with the likes of Didier Drogba, Fabio Cannavaro, Wayne Rooney, Frank Ribery, Ronaldinho, and Cristiano Ronaldo and using people such as Beyonce to promote mobile phones for Samsung, and Jennifer Lopez promoting more advance vehicles, It has been argued that this goes hand in hand with the rise of individualism and ‘the death of the social’ (Rose 1996, Pg 328 ) argued Ten years ago a young person would not own an mobile phone however within society today individuals who do not have one will be deemed of a lower social status, its regarded as the norm of society to possess all these luxurious things. . However this sort of society has a consequences it’ll encourage a lot more deviant behavior within society and will be essentially an ongoing process In such a world everything becomes a consumer item, even education and knowledge itself, and consumption becomes the key form of social expression, particularly through what Veblen (2009) in 1899 termed ‘conspicuous consumption’. For example middle class people are more likely to afford private education, and have automatic links to progress in a business, their more likely to have a good lifestyle, paramount. Throughout the years consumer culture has played a sufficient part within society, it deems individuals to believe that this sort of life style is obtainable,...
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