Consumer Buying Process

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What is the Consumer Buying Process
Owning white evening shoes, but needing black, can initiate the buying process. There are many steps that a customer takes before actually buying a product. From the initial need to buy a product to sentiments felt long after the item is carried out of the store, the buying process is constantly being influenced by internal and external forces. When it comes to consumer buying behavior, marketing helps to address the needs of the customer and make them feel good about their purchase in the long run. 1. Awareness of the Need

* There can be many things that might factor into the want to buy something. Sometimes it is an impulse desire, and other times it is derived from a personal need or want established by an event or instance in a customer's life. For example, a woman attending a black tie event can own a dress but no shoes. The moment when she discovers that her white slingbacks are not going to match her black velvet dress can be the initiation of the buying process. Internal Vs. External Influences

* Influence is what affects how the customer goes about researching and shopping for the product. A person might need a pair of shoes, but the type and price point that they research would depend on influences around them. Internal, or endogenous, influences would be their motives and personality. For example, the amount of money the customer has to buy the shoes, the style of shoes she prefers and the time she has to spend shopping for the shoes can all have an effect on the purchasing process. On the other hand, external, or exogenous, influences would be the culture and climate around the customer. Advertisements that were viewed by the customer, social status and pressures associated with buying the product, and the economic climate are examples of this type of influence. Researching the Product

* The personality of the buyer determines just how long the researching process takes. An impulse buyer...
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