Consumer Behavious and Marketing Strategy Towards Tesco

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Should University education be free?
Education is essential for everyone. Presently, who is more educated with entrepreneurial subjects can become to a good professional businessman. For all case, I agree that University education should be free for every domestic student, to provide equal opportunities for every child born in the country, to create better educated people and also better future for country. Firstly, free education facilitates to get education and equal opportunities for every student. As a result of this, healthy competitions will be held between the students. Similarly free education maintains a good platform of education for all students who want to avail this opportunity. Secondly, free education creates well educated people. Especially, students can improve their skills and knowledge ability in better way. Good education will reduce the crime rate of country. Therefore, it helps to provide high living standard for people due to an increase in employment opportunities through developing their skills. Thirdly, free University education forms a developed country. Foreign employers’ arrival and foreign expenses will be reduces due to create well educated and talented persons from free University education by giving equal opportunities. Furthermore, government can maximize its taxes, revenues and goodwill than the other countries. Similarly, there is an increase in percentage of certain country’s level of educated people compare to other countries. Some people might be thinking that free education should not be allowed. Because, they think, government should spend money in other projects as their first priority, government can get more benefits from its money. However, Once, pupils are educated, they become source to improve their country’s economy. They can do their work successfully and country will grow economically. Free education will provide us doctor, engineers, lawyers. So, it’s necessity for a country’s growth. In conclusion,...
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