Consumer Behaviour Types of Self Image

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  • Published : September 18, 2012
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Self- image refers to the configuration of beliefs related to the self, the relationship between consumers and the products that they want to buy. According to Schiffman and Kanuk (2007:137) “consumers have a variety of enduring images of themselves. These self-images, or perceptions of self, are very closely associated with personality in that individuals tend to buy products and services and patronize retailers whose images or personalities relate in some meaningful way to their own self-images. In essence, consumers seek to depict themselves in their brand choices- they tend to approach products with images that could enhance their self- concept and avoid those products with images that do not.” Assael (2001:443) defined self image as a theory that holds that individuals have a concept of self based on who they think they are (actual self) and a concept of who they think they would like to be (ideal self). Self –image is “who we think we are”. It is our self-concept. The self-image is the collection of traits which we recognize in the ego and our archetypal fields, for example, we might see or recognize ourselves as kind, patient, beautiful or so on. Schiffman and kanuk (2007:139) go on to say “ each individual has an image of himself or herself as a certain kind of person, with certain traits, skills, habits, possessions, relationships and ways of behaving.” People develop their self-image through their interaction with other people, initially with their parents and then with other people with whom they relate over the years. There are four types of self image:

1. Actual self-image : how consumers in fact see themselves 2. Ideal self-image: how consumers would like to see themselves 3. Social self image: how consumers feel others see them
4. Ideal social self image: how consumers would like others to see them

Assael (2001:443) says there is more than just one actual self. Consumers have...
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