Consumer Behaviour Towards Water Heater

Topics: Marketing, Marketing research, Water heating Pages: 28 (6192 words) Published: February 22, 2011

Submitted to
L.J. Institute of Computer Application

In requirement of partial fulfilment of
Master’s of Business Administration (MBA)
2 year full time Program of Gujarat Technological University Submitted on:
23th July 2010

Submitted by:
Uni. Enrol. No.-097300592013
Batch: 2009-2011

Under the prescribe course of the Master’s of business administration of L.J.Institute of Computer Application student is to be placed in to the marketing environment for & weeks with the objective of studying marketing condition & marketing policies, which are implied in this field. I have analysed the sales performance in domestic market of WARM STREAM. Management students are expected to have practical experience in addition to the theoretical one. My project work at warm stream was an existing experience of making research through meeting various kinds of people inside & outside the organisation. As a part of my study I was given the topic “Analysis of consumer behaviour towards water heater” for sales performance in domestic market of Warm Stream. To my opinion this project work has given to me an inside of subject research methodology and presenting data and information in the form of the report. This project involves collection of sales data of various products of Warm Stream. I hope that this report, suggestions and findings welcomes by you.


Any accomplishment requires the efforts of many people and this work is also a synergistic product of many minds. I take this opportunity in expressing the facts that this project report is the result of an enormous amount of encouragement, co-operation and moral support that I have received from others.

It is beyond my literal and material means to express thanks and deep gratitude to my project guide prof. Mr.Abhijeetsingh and our honourable director Dr.A.R.Prasanna for their assiduous guidance, continuous encouragement and inspiring suggestions during the project study.

I take this opportunity to thanks the management of Warm Stream for giving me the opportunity to this project at Warm Stream.
I acknowledge my extreme gratitude and indebt ness to my guide & General Manager COL.A.K.Mohey & Mr. Mehta without whose guidance & co-operation this project would not has been materialised.

I would like to personally thanks to Mr.Jayantibhai Patel owner of WARMSTREAM.
I am also grateful to my friends and colleagues at Warm Stream who provided me the support and inspiration needed to compile this report.

Devkishan A. Patel MBA: 2009-2011

It is hereby certified that the work incorporated in the thesis submitted entitled “Analysis of consumer behaviour towards water heater” submitted by Devkishan A. Patel comprises the result of independent and original investigation carried out me. The material which obtained (and used) from other sources has been duly acknowledged in the thesis.

Place: Signature of the student

It is certified that the work mentioned above is carried out under my guidance.

Place: Signature of the faculty guide

Introduction to the topic
1.1 Introduction of topic in brief
1.2 Reasons for selecting the topic
1.3 Important of topic in company
1.4 The company’s benefit by the study
1.5 What I learned from the study?
Organization profile
2.1 Formation of the company
2.2 Scope of the product
2.3 Mile stones in the history of company
2.4 Collaboration if any
2.5 Head office and branches
2.6 Summery...
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