Consumer Behaviour Towards Lays Products

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CHAPTER - 1 Introduction
Objectives of study
Research and Methodology
Scope of study
Limitations of study
Chapter Scheme

CHAPTER - 2 Industry and Company Profile


Frito-Lay has had a long commitment to Supplier Diversity. Since the 1960s Frito-Lay pioneers such as Harvey Russell, Don Kendall and Jim O’Neal believed early on that diversity and inclusion provide a competitive advantage that drives business results. They understood that developing partnerships with minority-owned and women-owned suppliers would help build the world-class supplier base the company needed.

In 1983, Frito-Lay formally launched its Supplier Diversity program with the intent of sourcing diverse suppliers who could provide our company with high quality goods and services at competitive prices. Today our program is 20 years strong and during that time we have spent over $2.1 billion with minority and women-owned entrepreneurs (M/WBEs). We are proud to say that we utilise M/WBEs in virtually all areas of our company. We also take pride in developing M/WBEs to be successful not only within our company but with other divisions of PepsiCo. Our Supplier Diversity program has also allowed our company to be proactive in the economic development of our communities. We are proud of our successful experiences in supplier diversity and treasure the many minority and women-owned companies that bring value-added and measurable performance to our business environment. Frito-Lay’s comprehensive strategy for integrating these businesses into the supplier development process supports our supply chain efficiency and effectiveness, as well as the company’s bottom line. It's a vital part of our day-to-day business


To know consumers attitude or opinion towards lays products. To study importance of point of purchase or total sales in marketing. To know from which media the customers made their decision to buy these products. To study the customers choice regarding lays chips.

To study the consideration of current and projected changes. To know the consumer opinion towards various verities of products offered by Frito-Lay. To know the position of the product in the market.

Methodology means the process of collecting data for analysis of the project. There are 2 methods to extract the data .They are as follows,

a) Primary data
b) Secondary data

Primary Data: The data gathered or prepared for specific purpose or specific project, then it is defined as primary data. The following are the sources of collecting primary data . Personal Interviews: Personal interviews is a way of approaching a snack shop and putting forward some questions regarding the product. The shop owner or dealer explains the details about the products and gives us insight to a sellers perspective . He also gives information about the products, its cost, total sales etc.

Mainly the customers are questioned which flavour they like more in lays and what made them to buy the product ,was it taste, availability, price or promotions .

Secondary data: The data which is already gathered or prepared for other purposes can be accessed . The following are the source of collection secondary data.

Internet Forums where modulators look for feedback and record the consumers inputs .

Data from consumer relations management which gives data like the ingredients used in the products and the number of sales of such products.


This study is restricted Bellary city only.
To know the factors which influence the customers while buying the products and the awareness of those (lays) snacks.

LIMITATIONS of the study

The survey of dealers or customers is limited to total 18-20. The survey or study of lays...
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