Consumer Behaviour Towards Environment Friendly Products

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  • Published : October 4, 2010
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“Consumer Attitude towards Environment-Friendly Products: A Comparative Analysis” (The IUP Journal of Marketing Management, Vol IX, Nos. 1 & 2, 2010)

Critical Analysis:
Pg1, Para1, Environmentally responsible companies make an attractive choice to customer and investors. Argument: Author contradicts his own statement as per the below citation: "Pg90, Para 7, Scherhorn (1993), examined the consumer's concern regarding environment & its impact on business. Consumers feel about the environment impact. Very few change their lifestyle to revise it. "

Pg 89, Para 4, Raw materials being important issue in environment friendliness of any product. Issues: 1) Minimum use of Non-Renewable resources, maximum use of Renewable resources. 2) Natural habitat should not be endangered. 3) Wastage during extraction and use of raw material should be minimum. 4) Use of recycled content as raw material to be encouraged. Argument: Above issues are stated in a very vague manner. Without specifications such things are difficult to implement. Pg89, Reference End of Page, Argument: Web-link broken, which refers to Ministry of Environment & Forest "Ecomark Label"

Pg 90, Para 1, How to minimize the material during production stage? Argument: An organisation will never buy more than required raw material that would be needed during the production stage, not to increase the costs associated with production. Plus there is no mention about the benchmarking for the above clause which the organisation would keep up to.

Pg90, Para 2, the companies should educate the customers about how to use the product so that its negative impact on nature can be minimized. Consumer health & environment safety should be priority of the product. Argument: Exception, e.g. Cigarette; such a product does not fit the statement above. It definitely does not contribute to the consumer’s health and is hazardous for the environment too. Reference:...
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