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Topics: Mobile phone, Preference, Color Pages: 3 (583 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Group Project Outline
Consumer Behaviour
BUSI 3210U

When we purchase mobile phones, we are usually limited in the colours they come in (typically black or white). We will try to ascertain whether consumers would actually purchase mobile devices in the colour of their choice. Motorola briefly allowed the sale of red devices (for the Red Africa campaign), and saw a rise in popularity. Samsung has just introduced some "newer" colours to their lineup besides black or white (they offer a blue colour for their Galaxy S3 device). Main Research Question:

How does colour influence consumer purchase decisions, specifically in mobile phones. Sub Research Questions:
1. Which colours of mobile phones are liked more by consumers: The typical black or white, or different colours (such as red, blue, pink, etc) 2. If consumers had a choice of additional colours to certain mobile phones, would they choose differently? (ie: If an Iphone user could get a Samsung Galaxy in red would he/she switch?) 3. How does colour impact consumers' choice on mobile phone purchases? 4. How does colour impact consumers' judgement of mobile phone attitude? (ie: Does a pink phone give a youthful appeal? ) 5. How does colour impact consumers' judgement of mobile phone legitimacy? (ie: Does a pink phone give a negative vibe in a business environment?) 6. Are consumers more likely to purchase custom coloured mobile phones versus the typical colours available? 7. Do consumers evaluate unique mobile phone colours favourably? 8. Are consumers more likely to recognize the brand name of a product with unique colour? Hypothesis:

H1: Consumers prefer choosing custom colours to the typical black/white phone options
H2: Consumers are willing to pay more for custom coloured phone devices
H3: Consumers perceive additional phone colours with youthful/hip attitude
H4: Business consumers will perceive additional mobile phone colours as...
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