Consumer Behaviour in Packagedfood Industry.

Topics: Food, Food industry, Food processing Pages: 16 (4126 words) Published: January 29, 2013

The aim of this paper is to study the consumer behaviour of people of Jammu region in case of packaged food industry. For this study survey has been carried out during January-April of 2011 in Jammu city on a sample of 100 respondents. Reliability test, factor analysis and descriptive statistics were used to find out preferences of consumers in Jammu region in case of packaged food industry. This study finds that packaged food is simple to prepare and it saves time. They said that even their husbands can prepare the food in their absence and can also feed the children. The other reasons for preference for packaged food were tastes good, quality of the food items, the variety it provides to the consumer. Further, the paper goes on to discuss some of the policy suggestions for better service quality for consumers, more profit for the packaged food industry owner and better food quality management in packaged food industry of Jammu region. Finally, limitations of the study also spelt out.

Packaged food is commercially prepared food designed for ease of consumption. The packaged foods are often preprepared food stuffs that can be sold as hot, ready-to-eat dishes; as room temperature, shelf-stable products; or as refrigerated or frozen products that require minimal preparation, typically just heating, by the consumer. These products often are sold in portion controlled, single serve packaging designed for portability for "on-the-go" or later eating. Packaged food can include products such as candy; beverages such as sodas, juices and milk; fast food; nuts, fruits and vegetables in fresh or preserved states; processed meats and cheeses; and canned products such as soups and pasta dishes. First a little about what we mean by 'Ready To Use' goods. Just take a look around and you will find so many packets of biscuits, of potato chips, all around you. These are not prepared freshly. These come in packages with manufacturing dates, and dates of expiry written on them. These are produced at factories, packaged, transported by road, air, and sea, before reaching your shelf. For example, right now you may munching on a set of cookies made in Italy! Just check the packet or tin, you will be amazed. Ready To Use' articles and packages have made the world simpler. A lot of time and energy can be saved. Imagine going from one furniture store to another, and setting up the bedroom. As opposed to this, 'Ready To Use' articles are a boon for people who do not have much time from work Fresh packed F&V, primarily an export led business, is a large industry in India, and is growing rapidly. India exported about 1.45 million tonnes (INR 16.6 bn) of fresh F&V in 2005-06. Export of these products has been growing at a CAGR of over 13% during the last 5 years. However, these volumes are insignificant, at less than 1% of total production. The proportion of graded, packed F&V has been increased. The focus on specific varieties for different markets has increased – in the past, exports were primarily targeted at the Indian ethnic population while now, Indian exports compete with other global suppliers across markets to cater to a broader spectrum of world demand. The Indian consumer’s preference for preparation of F&V based foods at home continues, although there is gradual acceptance of processed foods. A continuation of this trend is expected in the next ten years, which implies significantly higher growth potential for fresh packed F&V as opposed to processed F&V. The F&V based processed food sector is very small industry. Historically many F&V based products were reserved for the small scale Industry by Government Legislation. The limitations have now been lifted for most products. A significant proportion of F&V units are still housed in the small scale sector. The single...
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