Consumer Behaviour Assignment

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Consumer is the ultimate user of a product or service. The overall consumer market consists of all buyers of goods and services. They are faced with many decisions each day on deciding what product/brand should they use also where and how to get them. By learning consumer behavior, we understand that it involves the activities of people when obtaining, consuming and disposing products and services. Marketers strive to understand this behavior so they can better formulate appropriate marketing stimuli that will result in increased sales and brand loyalty. Culture plays a large role in determining what products will be successful in a market. Culture itself refers to a set of values, ideas, artifacts and other meaningful symbols that help individuals communicate, interpret and evaluate as members of society. Culture is manifested within boundaries of acceptable behavior. It may create a problematic issue for many marketers since it is inherently nebulous and often difficult to understand. For example, …… The sector of clothing constitutes one of the largest consuming categories. The latest tendencies of fashion and most innovations of the market of clothing are addressed mainly to the young persons. Thus, this paper will discuss how one’s culture affects their behavior in consuming clothes. The aim of this observation is to examine the tendencies and consumer behavior of the Chinese Manado culture toward clothing and make clear the several factors that influence them during the purchase process. Our observation is based on a group of girls within a middle-high social class and the age range of 19 to 21. Observation will be focused on how the culture influence the behavior of these girls in determining which clothes, style, or fashion trends they follow and consume.


Behavior of Consuming Products

As we have mentioned before that consumer behavior involves the activity of consumer undertake when obtaining, consuming and disposing products, these also happens when it comes to the behavior of Chinese Manado. ❖ Obtaining

Based on the observation of middle-high social class Chinese Manado, they are most likely to purchase clothes based on what they want instead of just fulfilling what they need. Satisfying their wants on consuming clothes have become the needs of Chinese Manado. They often shop at mall or boutique, hunting clothes at new places will also attract them to find something new, unique and interesting. They are willing to pay more to get a good quality of clothes. (CASH / CREDIT CARDS, BRANDED STUFF?) ❖ Consuming

Clothes are the basic needs of all people. Different people may have different behavior on consuming in terms of purchasing new clothes in a month. Based on our observation, this group of girls shopped for clothes up to three times in a month. They always follow the fashion trends and are most concern about their appearance. This factor leads to how often they purchase new clothes in order to look good in their everyday life. There are many circumstances they have to consider before purchasing new clothes. Clothes they wear in campus are different from what they wear on weekends. ❖ Disposing

Disposing involves how they get rid of the clothes. They might just donate it to other people or they may just keep it in case it might be useful for mix and match in the next season. As they know that fashion goes in a circle.

2.Influencer of Consumer Behavior
Culture is one factor that influences behavior. Simply culture is defined as our attitudes and beliefs. As an individual growing up, a child is influenced by their parents, brothers, sister and other family member who may teach them what is wrong or right. They learn about their religion and culture, which helps them develop these opinions, attitudes and beliefs. These factors will influence their purchase behavior however other factors...
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