Consumer Behaviour and the Surf Wear Industry

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Trista Lyle

Consumer Behaviour

The surf wear Industry

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Question 1
There were many key problems that the surf wear companies had inadvertently created and encouraged within their core target market, these have been summarised below.

• ‘It is the aim of relationship marketing to create strong, lasting relationships with a core group of customers. The emphasis is on developing long-term bonds with customers’ (Schiffman et al. 2008, p474). It is evident that the company is having problems doing this. This situation has arisen because of the new found abundance of choice on the market, the availability of information regarding the company’s’ corporate activities; the sense of entitlement that consumers have; and commoditisation or innovativeness, in this case consumers want a unique stand out product which the surf wear companies are not providing.

• “Primarily a member of the garment industry, surf wear has found itself extending and competing to non-surfing members of the consumer population fighting to maintain an image that is both associated with the ‘genuine surfers’ but capitalising on the fashion consciousness of the non-surfing consumer base.” (Bergin et al. 2003, P 13). This expansion of consumers has led to disgruntled and alienated core consumers, which has resulted in the company’s loyalists and apostles becoming defectors, terrorist and mercenary consumers.

• The surf wear companies are corporate entities and as such have an obligation to their shareholders to provide consistent profits, however the core consumers oppose this strategy.

• When considering motives for purchasing decisions fear and risk management, relating to social status, are key factors to deliberate. It is evident that fear of social out casting, is the main motivating factor that relates to these core consumers; as there is no evidence that any other factors, for example price, have every been considered in the input stage of the decision making process.

• Another problem that is plaguing the industry is the simple fact that, ‘word of mouth communication is extremely effective, but one thing that they sometimes overlook is the fact that informal communication is difficult to control.’ (Schiffman et al. 2008, p 497) Additionally opinion leaders are exceedingly difficult to locate and persuade, which compounds the problems associated with word of mouth advertising.

Question 2

The following consumer behaviour theories and concepts have been exhibited in this case. This section also...
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