Consumer Behaviour

Topics: Chocolate, Want, Cadbury plc Pages: 2 (313 words) Published: April 23, 2011
The purpose of this report is to compare the potential consumer of two chocolate brands which are Cadbury and Godiva. The specific product of these two brands used in this report would be Godiva G Collection and The report aims to find out how these two specific brands of chocolate product related to three concepts * consumer social character

* need for uniqueness
* visualisers versus verbalisers

Godiva G Collection chocolate is the top five most expensive chocolates in the world. It is designed by a famous pastry chef named Norman Love.

2.1 Consumer Social Character
Consumer social character is a personality trait that ranges on a continuum from inner-directness to outer-directness (Schiffman, Bednall, O’Cass, Paladino, Ward & Kanuk, 2008). Inner-directed consumer determines values and goals by oneself rather than by others. Inner-directed consumers are not easily influenced by others and also known as consumer innovators as consumers evaluate new products on their own. Other-directed consumers are easily influenced by others and are likely to be followers as consumers tend to look to others for opinions.

2.2 Need for Uniqueness
Every consumer is unique and often wants to feel special or different from others. Godiva G Collection chocolates are different compared to Cadbury chocolates as it uses high premium cocoa beans. Consumers who purchase Godiva G Collection chocolates are likely to have high need for uniqueness because these consumers demand for high quality chocolates and want to taste something special rather than normal chocolates which can be seen in every supermarket and convenient stores.

2.3 Visualisers versus Verbalisers
Visualisers prefer visual information and process information by seeing. On the other hand, verbalisers prefer written or verbal information and process information through words (Schiffman et al., 1990). For Godiva G Collection, consumers are visualisers as they are...
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