Consumer Behaviour

Topics: Diaper, Cognition, Unsolved problems in neuroscience Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: September 19, 2010
Consumer behaviour GHANSHYAM SINGH What kind of decision process can you expect in the following cases and why ? (a) Purchase of a greeting card for a close friend. (b) Purchase of an after shave lotion/moisturizer. Ans. Before giving answer to both questions first of all we must know what product involvement and purchase involvement).because meaning of both term determine direction of decision . Purchase involvement – As the level of concern for, or interest in, the purchase process triggered by the need to consider a particular purchase. Thus, purchase involvement is temporary state of individual or household. It influenced by loat many factors Product involvement - involvement of consumer towards particular brand

(a) LIMITED DECISION MAKING PROCESS- In process of purchasing a greeting card for close friend involve “limited decision making purchase process”. Limited decision making process involve few alternative and simple decision rules and a little post purchase evalution

Why- limited decision making process occurs in some emotional and situational needs. Purchasing a greeting card for friend also influenced by our emotion and situation . Situational factor affect in this manner like for what type of occasion we are presenting greeting card to our friend. it may be occasion of birthday, achievement and some other occasion Emotion – our friend ship is product of our emotional bonding with some one and emotional attachment always form limited decision making . purchasing of product you always anticipate what would be impression of my card. In limited decision making Use and post purchase of given vary less importance because product ( greeting card )would be use by some another person who still have not form his expectation abut particular brand.

(b) Purchase of an after shave lotion/moisturizer- Nominal decision making Purchase shave lotion involve nominal decision making because nominal decision making referred also as a habitual decision making...
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