Consumer Behaviour

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Consumer Behaviour

Individual Assignment Topic

Jackson and Kathy are high school lovers graduated from university two years ago. Both of them have settled in a stable job and are planning to get married next year. To prepare for an unforgettable wedding, they are actively searching for market information.

Imagine yourself as the marketing manager of a wedding planning company. You are extending your product line to adventurous and creative wedding. How would you use different sensory stimuli to affect the perception of your target customers? What signs or symbols would you use to create meanings and characteristics of your products? What strategies of sensory marketing would you use to help your products stand out from the competition?

A diagram to illustrate the semiotic relationship among your product, symbol and meaning would be helpful.

Introduction of Product / Service

Knowing that people are eco-conscious nowadays, green products are becoming more and more popular. In other words, eco-friendly has become a new marketing trend in Hong Kong. However, even though eco-marketing is a hit in many businesses, this element is still new and uncommon in the wedding industry. In view of this, I would like to propose an idea which is to extend our company product line to eco-wedding, named 'My Green-Wedding', which also sounds like 'My Dream Wedding'.

As implied in the name, all wedding plans under this product line should follow the principle of '6R', which is suggested by Hong Kong Sustainable-Wedding Action. The principle of '6R' refers to 'Rescue', 'Reevaluate', 'Recycle', 'Reuse', 'Reduce' and also 'Responsible'. Starting from the design of invitation card, followed by wedding gown and suit, then venue decoration as well as feast menu etc., green elements will entirely be added into every part of the nuptial.

Green wedding does not only help couples to save much money from weddings, but also reduce greenhouse gases emission and share the message of green living to guests without remitting the joyfulness of marriage.

Description of Target Market Segment

The target market for 'My Green-Wedding' is consumers in 'LOHAS' or 'Naturalites' segments that are planning to get married, probably between the age of 25 to 50. People in 'LOHAS' segment are the heaviest purchasers of green and socially responsible products, while people of 'Naturalites' group tend to purchase more 'LOHAS' consumable products.

These consumers represent a demographic group of well-educated and eco-conscious. Reflecting by the segments they are in, these consumers lead natural lifestyles. They are eco-friendly and down-to-earth.


Perception is the process by which people select, organize and interpret sensation. In marketing, it describes how consumers view a company and its products or services. It is one of the key psychological factors that influence consumer behaviour, and this ultimately affects the profits of a business. Seeing that, we need to affect the perception of our target customers. We want them to have a positive perception towards 'My Green-Wedding'.

As mentioned earlier, target customers of our new product line are people in 'LOHAS' or 'Natualites' segments. They are eco-conscious as well as the major purchasers of green products. Having considered the characteristics and interests of our target customers, we are going to create a raw, simple, frugal, socially responsible, consumer oriented and also decent and magnificent perception for 'My Green-Wedding' through our marketing strategies. These kinds of perceptions do not only match with the nature of our new product line, which is green-oriented, but it also helps to associate the new product with our target customers.

For example, a raw, simple and frugal perception can associate with the simple lifestyles of our target customers. This drives consumers resonance and therefore increases their interests of...
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