Consumer Behaviour

Topics: Marketing, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Market segmentation Pages: 13 (2648 words) Published: December 25, 2012

1. Consumer behaviour is a term that refers to
a) Organizational and institutional buying behaviour
b) Organizational and consumer buying behaviour
c) Commercial and government buying behaviour
d) Individual and/or household buying behaviour

2. Which of the following is NOT an example of consumer behaviour: a) Claire buying a new car
b) Ashley buying a new home theatre/cinema system
c) Sarah deciding on a college or university to attend
d) Marcus ordering a new computer system for his work

3. Which of the following is NOT an internal factor that influences the consumer product acquisition process include a) Learning
b) Family
c) Self-concept
d) Perceptions

4. With respect to consumer behaviour, one's friends, and relatives could be considered a: a) Impersonal influence
b) Reference group influence
c) Perceptual influence
d) Institutional influences

5. With respect to consumer behaviour, the function of one's perceptions, learning and memory processes is to: a) Attend to messages
b) Filter messages
c) Store messages
d) All of the above

6. Which of the following is typically NOT a result of recognizing the importance of ethnic groups by marketers? a) Use of an undifferentiated one-size-fits-all marketing strategy b) Different pricing strategies for different groups

c) Variations in product offerings to suit the wants of a particular group d) Study of ethnic buying habits to isolate market segments

7. The single group within society that is most vulnerable to reference group influence is a) The older consumer who feels somewhat left out of things
b) Married women, many of whom feel a need for stability in their lives c) New immigrants who really want to assimilate into their new culture d) Children, who base most of their buying decisions on outside influences

8. Which of the following can be described as an affective mental state? a) Attitudes
b) Opinions
c) Values
d) Conative

9. Early adopters, of which opinion leaders are large comprised, tend to be: a) Generalized; that is, they tend to lead the group on most issues b) More likely to buy new products before their friends do and voice their opinions about them c) From the upper class; people from other classes are more likely to be followers d) Quiet, withdrawn people who don't make fashion statements or take risks easily

10. An imbalance between a consumer's actual and desired state in which recognition that a gap or problem needs resolving is called a) Motive development
b) An attitudes
c) A self-concept
d) Product Evalution

11. According to Maslows Hierarchy of Needs theory, the need for fulfilment, for realizing one's own potential, and for fully using one's talents and capabilities are examples of __________ needs. a) Self-actualization

b) Physiological
c) Social
d) Esteem

12. A person who is in the position of attempting to satisfy their needs at the most basic level is operating at the level of Maslow's needs hierarchy called the need for a) Self-actualization
b) Esteem
c) Physiological
d) Belongingness

13. Which of the following is an assumption in Maslow's hierarchy of needs? a) Needs are dependent on culture and also on social class
b) Lower-level needs must be at least partially satisfied before higher needs can affect behaviour c) Needs are not prioritized or arranged in any particular order d) Satisfied needs are motivators, and new needs emerge when current needs remain unmet

14. Opinions can be referred to as cognitive and
a) Is a measure of the emotional content of the opinion
b) Deals with the aesthetic content of the opinion
c) Refers to the individual's knowledge and information about an object or concept d) Measures the speed with which one learns about others opinions

15. Providing free samples of perfumes (scent) in magazines is an example of which of the following? a) Classical conditioning
b) Operant...
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