Consumer Behaviour

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* Product: KURKURE
* Company: PepsiCo’s food division Frito-Lay
* Ad Agency: JWT
Kurkure was born in India, grew up with India DNA, flaunted Indian attitude, and has been entertaining everyone with an endearing Indian spirit….this Block busterish brand, now, rapidly is spreading its vibrant influence to as far as West Asia.  Kurkure was launched by PepsiCo’s food division Frito-Lay in 1999. Named after the Hindi word for "crunchy", Kurkure is a cheeto-like snack and is the flagship of Frito Lay's. After selling for two years as a Lehar sub-brand, Kurkure was launched as an independent brand in 2001. It developed a stronger identity through celebrity associations with Juhi Chawla [2003] and Kareena Kapoor [2008] well-known actors in Indian Cinema. Kurkure inspired from Namkeens, Kurkure tasted Indian, something like Namkeens but looked contemporary and distinct…armed with its unique product proposition ‘Familiar taste in an Innovative format’, then, the brand broke the category codes and transformed the landscape of Snacking in India, both sensorially and visually! Over the years, Kurkure has gone through various stages in its evolution. Kurkure was Frito Lay's first big hit in India and succeeded by making a host of Indian flavours possible and popular in a finger snack. Kurkure is a crunchy new age namkeen snack brand which symbolizes light hearted fun. Embodying the spirit of India, Kurkure has found a home in the hearts& minds of all and enjoys the position of a strong Love mark brand in India.

Kukure’s Product Portfolio
* Chilly Chatka
* Hyderabadi Hungama
* Monster Paws Funky Tomato
* Naughty Tomato
* Puffcorn Yummy Cheese
* Solid Masti Twisteez Teekha Khatta Meetha
* Green Chutney Rajasthani Style
* Masala Munch
* Monster Paws Masala
* Puffcorn Mad Masala
* Solid Masti Twisteez Masala
Market Situation
* The Indian snacks market is valued around $3 billion
* The branded snacks segment makes up for roughly 50% (or Rs.6,000 crore approximately). * There are over 1,000 local snack varieties vying for consumer’s palate and wallet in this segment. * Frito-Lay was the first entrant in the country’s packaged snack market, and by dint of its first mover advantage it was able to corner roughly 45% of the packaged snacks market.  * Haldirams and ITC are some of the leading players.

* Bingo
* Parle
* Haldirams
* Balaji

Brief About the Previous Ad Campaigns

1999-2001: “Kya Karein Control Nahi Hota”
No less impressive have been the various campaigns Kurkure has launched from time to time to keep its brand image sparkling and vibrant. The first campaign, “Kya Karien control nahi hota,” Played in Kurkures appeal as an irresistible Munchie and helped builed the traction for the brand. This campaign aimed at adding ads some spice to tea time of the consumers. The ads in the campaign focused on eating Kurkure without stopping. The ads positioned Kurkure as an irresistible snack. The ads had an great impact on the people the impact was long lasting because of the use of the Punchline: “Kya Karein Control Nahi Hota” which is typically Indian and was easily remembered by the auideiences hence even though Kurkure was a new brand it still had a great recall. 2001-03: “Khub Karare Khub Chatpate”

Khub Karare Khub Chatpate” campaign with the tagline “Jo bhi khaye, kha ke mast”.The campaign captured people’s imagination and firmly established the brand in the eyes of consumers. The idea behind the campaign was to encourage people to try out Kurkure’s flavour, which was unique and different from other snacks in the market. Through this campaign Kurkure was able to establish its own brand identity even though it was a sub brand. Kurkure stepped out of the shadows of Lehar, to be a brand on its own. During this phase, the brand started building Share of business and Consumption context for self through...
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