Consumer Behaviour

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The trend we are focusing on is self-esteem and confidence; we believe that there is a relationship between a product and an individual’s self-esteem and confidence. When purchasing a product, its purpose is to not solely fulfill functional needs, but esteem needs as well. Certain brands have personalities and reputations that people would like to mirror; for example, when wearing an Armani brand products, one may feel a sense of prestige or superiority. Certain purchases aid in reaching one’s ideal self. A person’s ideal self may be a role model in their community, family or social group; it may be a celebrity or a character on television. All these groups are factors that can influence a purchase decision; companies tap into that knowledge and, thus, produce products and brands with personalities to satisfy the consumer. The company that we chose to focus on is the Giorgio Armani; is a high-end label specializing in men's and women's ready-to-wear, accessories, glasses, cosmetics, perfumes and home interiors. Armani is a big industry itself; we will focus on one of the segments, Armani code fragrance. We will focus on young adult consumers in the age group of 25-35 year old for this analysis. We believe that this group has significant amount of purchasing power and are one of Armani’s major target markets. Young adults at this age group many be influence by exotic advertisements, brand loyalty and personal preference. Background information:

Giorgio Armani started the company back in 1975. Being a designer himself, he made apparel with his sense of creativeness of art, style, perceptive, beauty and luxury, a sense that appealed to the best of the society. Giorgio Armani, 77 years old is the sole President, Chief Executive Officer and shareholder of the Armani Group. “Giorgio Armani S.P.A. is one of the world’s leading fashion and lifestyle design houses, with 5,000 direct employees, 13 factories, and a direct network of 500 exclusive...
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