Consumer Behavior- Tivo Case

Topics: Need, Want, Television Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: February 28, 2012
Consumer Behavior- TiVo Case

1. As an emerging expert in consumer behavior, how would you tackle that mystery? • Identify potential customers and understand their needs. • Close the gap between intention to buy and action

What do you think could be going on?
• Make opinions leader and current customers attract prospects to buy. • Use promotion to stimulate desire to buy.
What might “evangelists” mention as a cause of their failure to sell TiVo to their friends? • No interest in watching TV.
• Want to get the comment from us and experience by using before buying it. • Too expensive to afford.
• I can get what I want to see from Internet.
What might a “couch potato” say about his reluctance to buy TiVo? • No need to record TV programs.
• I will not buy it cause I never got a chance to use it. What would you expect a top executive at MBC to say about the situation? • Hold activities to let people experience Tivo by themselves. • Use bundle promotions with partners.

What explanation would the founder of TiVo love to hear? Hate to hear? • Want to get the comment from us and experience by using before buying it. • No interest in watching TV.
I can get what I want to see from Internet.

2. What hypotheses get supported, what hypotheses get discounted? • Referral by current subscribers is a good and cheap way to eliminate the inertia of prospects • Positioning based on information get from current customers in not enough. Research conducted in other niches such as low or middle income families or people younger or elder What other insight(s) might help to guide the growth of TiVo? • Persuade opinion leaders and influence reference group - family and friends • Provide potential buyers the opportunity and experience of using TiVo • Make good use of mass-media to build up clear brand position. • Minimize marketing and sales expense to reduce loss.

3. What have been the different stages in their exploratory...
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