Consumer Behavior Research Paper - Brand Personality

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In most basic way of explaining, brand personality is assigning human characteristics to a brand, but to what end? The real deal seems to be happening in that point. The timeline in the history of marketing and evolution of the customer during that line, the job of the marketers were never been that hard. With the developments both on psychology and marketing sides, the mainstream of marketing concept shifted from product towards customer (consumer later on). Marketing has a very complex relation with most of the sciences. Economics, sociology, psychology and many more somewhat intersects with marketing, especially after the broadening marketing concept influenced the marketing world in most ways. As Kotler states to marketers to expand their thinking and to apply their skills to an increasingly interesting range of social activities, (Kotler & Levy, 1969) the expanded view of marketing encouraged marketers to focus deeper on psychology to understand the personality, decision making process and the effects of those to their respective areas of marketing. From the product oriented era, the marketing focus change from product to consumer. Marketers increased their interest in psychological aspects.

The word personality comes from the Latin word “persona” which means “mask.” So it can be said that the study of personality is actually the study of masks that we wear to project and display to the others. It is really hard to make a single definition to personality because there are lots of different points of view about that in theory. It is believed that the inherited traits and childhood has the main effects in personality but some theorists say that the social interactions and environment is the dominant part in that. It is also said that the person should be examined as a whole to be able to successfully examine the personality, or, in...
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