Consumer Behavior on Film Selecting...

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CNB- cinema:
Flow of questions-
* Tell me something about the last film that you saw
* Who told you about the film?
* Are you a regular film watcher/ film buff?
* Why did you choose this film only?
* Please tell me the process how you zeroed onto this film? * Please tell me about the first film you remember watching? * Tell me something about your family?
* What kind of films was that?
* Who was the main influencer to decide which film to watch? * When did you start selecting films on your own?
* Tell me something about your peer/ friend group in school, college. * Kind of cinemas you watched during these period?( notice if there is any transition, any different kind of films you watched during any specific time? Why and how?) * Do you have any preference when it comes down to selecting movies? ( Actor specific, director, composer, etc…) * Do you watch films of your preferred persons only?

* What do you do when you like a film you watched?
* (this will be the seventh question)Are you engaged in any kind of film related behavior other than only watching it?( Like reading books on film? Studying on films? Shooting on your own? Part of film club, attending film festivals, taking part in film related discussions)… if yes…then how did you become the part of the whole process? Tell me something about your behavior related to film watching?---then start with the family question again.( this segment would probably be more loyal or completely liberal in germs of choosing films, bit high level stuff). *

* What is the psychology behind 1st day 1st show…

Consumer Behavior: Study on how one chooses a film?
It is very common to see some kurta clad, thick bearded, serious faced people( specially Bengali)to flock in some cult film festivals like Kolkata Film Festival and many others happening around the country. But when i find that serious to be equally jovial while coming out of cinema hall watching movies like Dabang, or any other Bollywood flick, it makes me suspicious. What makes an apparent appreciator of world cinema to appreciate a mindless Bollywood flick? I took the risky venture of digging for the answer. I started with an apprehension .It might lead me to introspection ,and in the end I might find myself to be a lover of Bollywood flick and my inclination towards world cinema might turn out to be an act of pretention. Anyway l kept that apprehension aside for a while, and started to decipher the consumer decision making process of choosing a film to watch. Well, best place to search for any answer today is Google, and I also couldn’t avoid the demi god. It gave me many insights about why people watch films. For few, it is an escape route, few get inspired , motivated. But how one person selects a film has never been a popular discussion. Film producers around the world take different routes to understand what makes a film successful in terms of return on investment. Many has run trial shows before actually releasing the film. Starting from Sunset Boulevard to recent Seven, Hollywood producers ran trial shows, analyzed the responses of audience and many times ended up with an alternate ending, rather than the original one. Sometimes it worked in favor of the films and the business, sometimes not. And producers are still in search of this Holy Grail of cinema business. But a better understanding of the consumer decision making process of choosing a film might be more useful. An excellent example of this can be Inception. Many people ended up watching the film because Inception as a topic became viral.” If you haven’t watched Inception, you haven’t watched Inception.” Social media was flooded with discussions on it, influencing every kind of audiences. Extraordinary success of Inception proved that external influences are undoubtedly an important factor for any person to choose a film to watch. But what are those influences? Is it family, where one...
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