Consumer Behavior Culinary Tourism

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1.1 Culinary Tourism3
1.2 Development of Culinary Tourism3
1.3 Malaysia’s Culinary Tourism4
1.4 Profile of Potential Culinary Tourist5
1.5 Segments of Culinary Tourists6
2.Factors Influencing the Behavior7
2.1 Consumer Decision Process7
3.Destination Selection14
3.1 The Destination Image14
3.2 Destination Selection Model14
4.Impacts on Malaysia18
4.1 Economy18
4.2 Society19
4.3 Medical Concern19
5.1 Product22
5.2 Price22
5.3 Place23
5.4 Promotion23
5.5 People23
5.6 Process24
5.7 Physical Evidence24

1.1 Culinary Tourism
Food and beverage is a physiological need of the basic requirement for people to consume in order to survive. So, it became one of the required satisfaction factors for tourist to consume food and beverage during their holiday or away from home experience (Quan and Wang, 2004). Every tourism destination has their own unique culture to represent, as well as their food and beverage specialty (Rand and Heath, 2006; Quan and Wang, 2004). The intention for a tourist to travel to a destination to experience the local food and beverage created culinary tourism or gastronomic tourism. Nowadays, there are a lot of culinary tours available around the globe for potential tourist to experience foods that are different than their hometown’s specialty. The idea of culinary tourism is to experience others culture through food and beverage (Long, 1998). 1.2 Development of Culinary Tourism

Although culinary tourism looks like a new sub-industry to tourism but it is actually not new. It has been existed for a long time, only now it is realized and became a new niche that promotes the country’s economic and community in new intercultural insights. Culinary tourism not only caters for all those 4stars or above eateries but it also exists in other sectors, for example street hawkers, food court small stalls and etc. Moreover, it is also can be found in rural or urban areas (Erik, n.d). According to Rand and Heath(2006), researchers claims that culinary tourism has become an alternative form of tourism, with an increased rivals among tourism destination and the desire of tourist to explore more on the destination places . A qualitative study done by Kivela and Crotts (2006), explain that as a contemporary cultural resource, food and beverage satisfies all the conventional requirements of cultural tourism products. It has shown that the motivation to travel for food and beverage is possible and most likely for the tourist to revisit due to positive experience of a destination. For some destination, culinary tourism is a major role for the country’s revenue generators in their economics. 1.3 Malaysia’s Culinary Tourism

Malaysia has a wealthy culture and nature to offer in tourism industry. Having diversity in population, culture, ethnics and also tropical climate which contribute beautiful natural scenery makes Malaysia a great travel destination. Significantly, Malaysia had a diverse society but lives in harmony together showing the world its unique identity. Due to its ethnical diversity, it is not a surprise for Malaysia to have so many varieties of local food and beverage that can be offered internationally that contribute to the tourism sector. Which it is one of the potential factors to attract tourist to visit Malaysia. The uniqueness of Malaysian cuisine could be an opportunity for Malaysia to become a great culinary tourism destination in Asia. Unfortunately, culinary tourism in Malaysia is taken for granted and not so much focus has been given to it. By meaning, this issue is in Malaysia is blurred and rare (Mohamed, 1994) compared to its neighboring countries like Thailand or Singapore. 1.4 Profile of Potential Culinary Tourist

There are a few types of culinary tourist according to Dr. Steve Smith (2010); There are food...
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