Consumer Behavior and the T-Shirts They Wear

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  • Published : August 15, 2008
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Many a times, I have seen people including some of my friends, wearing funky looking t-shirts of some famous rock bands like Nirvana or GunsNRoses. Why do people really wear these kinds of t-shirts? Is it only because the fact that Nirvana is their favourite rock band and they are trying to express their support for the band through this medium. Maybe yes, for some consumers, but not all is what I feel. An important observation that I have made in this context is that people hardly wear such t-shirts in their homes or hostel rooms. They only wear it when they are going out with their friends and to their colleges. This tells us something about the behaviour of such people. This tells us that that they want to make a statement about themselves; they want to be identified with some characteristics; characteristics which one can easily identify with the rock stars. We have some perceptions about a rock star, they are cool, they are funky, they are cheesy etc. By wearing the t-shirt having a picture of rock band, are we not trying to show that we are somehow related to the rock star? Are we trying to make a bold statement that says-even I am cool, funky and cheesy? If fact I feel that, the t-shirt here is helping the person to establish his identity. Are we trying to build a ‘self-concept attachment’ here with the t-shirt and ultimately the rock star? I feel the concept of entropy lies within a human being as well. We don’t want to be chained with rules and regulations of the society. We want to break free; it’s a fantasy that is deeply rooted within our minds. And exactly this is the kind of rebellious behaviour that we associate with a rock star; a reason why we wear such t-shirts. So the next time you see a person wearing such a t-shirt, don’t go near him 
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