Consumer Behavior Analysis- Red Bull

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In the year 1984, a traveling Austrian man chanced upon an energy drink being produced by an Asian man. The producer specifically belonged to the Thailand region and produced the drink to enhance the energy and concentration levels of blue collared workers. Fascinated by the utility of the product, Dietrich Mateschitz, transported the concept to the European countries and named the product Red Bull. Today, this drink can be easily recognized by its tag line: "Red Bull gives you wings". Twenty Five years ago Red Bull and Mr. Dietrich initiated their attempt at becoming a renowned brand and have successfully achieved that aim on a universal scale by implementing a uniformed marketing strategy. I will briefly mention their style of spreading awareness so as to be able to illustrate the main point of my paper, that of highlighting the differences between the consumer behavior of people in the United Kingdom and India. Red Bull has gone against the norm and applied a new way of reaching its customers through buzz marketing. Essentially this implies the intense utilization of spread of knowledge through word of mouth to advertise your brand and product. They also use some other methods like cartoon themed funny commercials, sponsorship of sportsmen and sporting events like car racing to increase the brand awareness.

Having been introduced in India in the year 2003, Red Bull was the brand that created the market for energy drinks in India and continues to hold a monopoly with Power Horse as the only other competitor. The high price of this drink as compared to the other colas and drinks make it a product for the elite and the influential. The exclusivity of this drink also stems from its high level of caffeine content along with the distribution channels. Maximum availability in pubs and its usage as a component of several cocktails, associate it severely with alcohol and beer. The strong taste is another contributor to its alcohol-related image....
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