Consumer Behavior Analysis of Woodland Shoes

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| Consumer Behavior Analysis of “Woodland Shoes”|
| Submitted to:Farhan FaruquiSenior Lecturer,Department of Business Administration,East West University, Dhaka.Submitted by: Name| ID| Arafat Rauf| 2009-2-10-345|
Ashique Mahmud| 2009-2-10-237|
Nur Uddin Noman| 2009-1-10-228|
Md. Masum| 2009-1-17-011|
| |
MKT 410Section: 1Summer: 2011Date of Submission:3rd August 2011|


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Origin of the report:
This report is prepared with the respect to three month course of Consumer Behavior. We are assigned to prepare a term paper on “Consumer Behavior analysis of Woodland Shoes”, by our honorable course instructor Md Farhan Faruqui. Our task is to make a survey on Woodland Shoes, and complete a study that covers all the important aspect of Consumer Behavior. Objective of the study: Literature Review:

This report has been prepared having a considerable number of objectives in front of us. Some of the objective can be mentioned as: * To apply our knowledge that we gathered from “Consumer Behavior” course, practically in preparing the term paper. * To provide an overview of “Woodland Shoes”.

* To measure the possible business value of “Woodland Shoes” in Bangladesh. * To measure the feasibility of “Woodland Shoes” in Bangladesh. * To give some possible recommendations for “Woodland Shoes”. Scope of the study:

This term paper is made on the basis of what people think about “Woodland Shoes”. For this we conducted a comprehensive survey on Woodland Shoe consumers and those people who know about Woodland Shoes. It means more focused on the consumers beliefs, perception, lifestyle and what thoughts consumers have about Woodland Shoes. Methodology of the study:

We have used both primary and secondary data to conduct the study. The sources are: * Primary sources:
Primary sources are the individuals, who somehow are aware about Woodland Shoes. We have used convenient sampling to collect the information. We have used a structured questionnaire to collect data from the respondents and the sample size was 60. Statistical techniques were used to analyze the collected data and this data was presented in the graphical form. * Secondary sources:

Secondary information was collected from the books and the web site of Woodland Shoes. We have collected much of the information through the internet and those are mentioned in the reference page. Limitations of the study:

Although we have tried our best to make this term paper perfect but there were some limitations that obstructed us from doing so. We have faced some problems while preparing this report. Some of the limitations encountered while making this report are as follows: * The topic has so much to cover, so initially we faced some problem to choose the appropriate topic. * Collecting previous information was little bit tough.

* Some few people are aware of Woodland Shoes, so it was hard o collect data. * More over they have some little knowledge about Woodland Shoes as it is a foreign shoe, so we could not reach the point we were aiming. * It was difficult to arrange a suitable time for all members. Back ground of Woodland Shoes:

Woodlands parent company, Aero Group, has been a well known name in the outdoor shoe industry since the early50s.The Flagship Company which began its operations in 1960’s and now has an asset base of over US$100 Million.Woodland was started in Quebec, Canada for making winter boots. It quickly gained popularity due to its unwavering commitment to quickly and the introduction of the latest designs. Today, Aero Group is a highly integrated firm with its own leather tanning units and production facilities in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Macau and Canada. In 1992, Aero Group launched Woodland and it immediately caught the attention of outdoor enthusiasts. It brought...
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