Consumer Behavior Analysis

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Recycling Resources

Consumer Behavior

Recycling Resources
Executive Summary
This report focuses on recycling resources at The University of Texas at Dallas. Our group concentrated on the UTD student’s knowledge of available recycling resources and opinions on how to motivate recycling in the future. We conducted an in-person focus group with four students and requested classmates from various classes to answer an online survey with thirteen questions. Both of these research methods proved to provide valuable insight into the awareness and action that students take with UTD’s recycling programs. One of the major factors that we discovered was the percentage of students who were unaware of UTD’s current recycling resources. Due to this, we concluded that a month long, on-campus campaign would be the best solution to raise awareness of the recycling resources currently available. The campaign would not only raise awareness but also encourage students to actively participate in sustainability projects. In the following sections of this recommendation report, we will provide the background information of the recycling resources at The University of Texas at Dallas; provide analysis of our research methods; and deliver our recommendation to enhance the recycling efforts on campus.

Recycling at UTD affects the community and students in more than just an improvement of environmental harmony but the increased efficiency of the recycling process can have a direct impact on monetary assets and tuition. Hence, costs on the environment can increase expenditure if accountability and knowledge is not put to use. This is an example of the long term financial backlash environmental ignorance can have on society as a whole. So, this becomes more personalized because people react more to their money being affected than the environment. When they see that there is correlation between their finances and recycling that would motivate them to be more involved. So the money is another reason and angle to look at. To improve the situation of UTD’s recycle system, there are two major consumer behavior theories that will be employed to our report: * Attitudes and attitude change

* Group and Interpersonal influence
To improve the environmental and efficiency of the recycle system the most important thing we need to do is change the attitudes of students and professors. Attitudes are relatively enduring overall evaluations of objects, products, services, issues, or people. Attitudes play a critical role in people behavior, and they are especially important because they motivate people to behave in relatively consistent ways. Changing consumer attitudes is important for improving UTD’s energy and environmental program. To change students and professors’ attitude toward the program we also need to add beliefs about the attribution theory. That requires a physical change to the product itself. When a valued attribute that was not previously considered is added, the overall attitudes toward the fitness become the preferred option for targeted consumers. Even though this report focuses on attitude theory, we also employ group and interpersonal influence. People are social creatures who desire contact and affiliation with other. As a result students and professors often belong to a number of formal or informal groups. These groups can exert significant influence on consumer behavior. Reference groups are a group of individuals that have significant relevance for a consumer and that has an impact on the consumer’s evaluations, aspirations, and behavior. This influence affects the ways that consumers seek and receive value from consumption. Group influence refers to ways in which group members influence attitudes, opinions, and behaviors of others within the group. Groups are an important part of social life, and group processes profoundly affect consumer behavior by changing the perceived value. Group influence does...
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