Consumer Behavior

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MM578 Consumer Behavior
Course Project: Consumer Behavior Audit

Table Of Contents
3….. **Market Analysis**
Company Background
Sales volume and growth
Retail Outlets
**Brand Positioning**
6…...Maslow’s Hierachy
7 -8…**Customer Analysis**
8-11… ** Customer Personality**
12….**Purchase Decision Process**
13….** Marketing Assessment**
Optimization For Future
14….Reference Page

Carol’s Daughter Holdings, LLC
Address: 960 1 S Elliott Place # A, Brooklyn, NY 11217-1257
Number of Employees: 80
Annual Revenue: $35 Million
Products & Services: Skin care and beauty products (2)

* Co-Founder and CEO Lisa Price
Company - Carol’s Daughter, a designer, manufacturer, and retailer of boutique fragrances, skin care, and other beauty products, grew from founder Lisa Price’s hobby of designing fragrances. The business began in 1993, operating out of Price’s home in Brooklyn, New York. Today, Carol’s Daughter’s line includes over 300 products for hair, skin, body, and home, for women, men, and children. While the brand has found a niche in the female African-American market, the product appeals to both genders and all ethnicities.(6)

* Competitors – Carol’s Daughter competition goes after many beauty product lines **Hair- CD focuses on the booming natural hair care market, the most popular competitors in this market are: Jane Carter Solutions (JCS) – JCS, similar to CD, have created hair, nail and skin products. She is very popular amongst the natural hair consumers due to her all natural ingredients used to create her products. **Skin and Nail – CD has fragrances, lotions and other skin related products that appeal to consumers who like to keep their cosmetics as organic and natural as possible. The Body Shop focuses on many spa-like skin products and many of their products have names (because they are not completely natural) that appeal to the consumers who prefer more earthy products. Products include- Shea Body Butter, Tea Tree Revitalizing Facial Scrub, etc. Lush is a viable candidate to CD, mainly because they have many attributes that CD has such as presence n the same stores and they are organic products as well. * Conditions – CD’s conditions are not present due to the fact that it is a beauty company and use is at the consumers’ discretion. * Sales volume and growth trends: CEO and Founder, Lisa Price, initially, brought in modest annual income of $20,000, after teaming up with industry mogul Stephen Stout, who is now the Co-CEO and managing director, CD took off. Stoute utilized his business relationships with other famous investors including Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jimmy Lovine, JayZ and Mary J Blige. The company is now bringing in an annual income of $35 million (2&5). * Retail outlets used to distribute this product: CD is not only have 9 standalone stores in major cities across the United States, it can also be found in every Macy’s, Sephora, Dillard, Ricky’s and certified salon vendors across the US. CD has also become a staple on Home Shopping Network (HSN). Product’s can also be found and purchased on the CD website, as well as many other third-party sites (7). * Brand Positioning

* Review some current advertising (print, TV or Internet) and address the following: * Who is the target market for the product? General consumers of all races and genders, but appeals primarily to African-American women. (1) *no specific age seeing that CD has products for all ages—including baby* * How is the product positioned in the minds of target market customers? * CD came on the scene targeting the African-American woman using Jada Pinkett-Smith and Mary J. Blige as spokeswomen for the line. Since growing tremendously they have since wanted to cater to kids, men, women of all ages and ethnicities. They...
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