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Consumer Behavior

By | August 2011
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Consumer Behavior Assignment Student Name: Ahmad Jamjoom

Chapter 1 Questions- Defining Consumer Behavior
1. Discuss the meaning of Consumer Behavior & the different dimensions or aspects that Consumer Behavior covers. The behavior that consumers display in searching for, purchasing, using, evaluating & disposing of products & services that they expect will satisfy their needs. 1. Personal Consumer & 2.Organizational Consumer

2. There are two types of consumer identities, Personal consumer "Personal Buyer" & Organizational, Industrial, Business Consumer "Business Buyer". Explain the above statement through the answer to the following questions: -What is the meaning of Personal Consumer & Organizational Consumer? 1. Personal Consumer buys a product for personal use.

2.Organizational Consumer buys a product for an organization. -What is the meaning of Consumer Product & Organizational Product? 1. Consumer Product is the product being bought for personal use. 2. Organizational product is a product that’s bought for business use. -What is the difference between Consumer Market & Business Market? Every market or consumer has its marketing strategy.

-What is the marketing importance of differentiating between these terms?
-Personal Consumer vs. Organizational Consumer
-Consumer Product vs. Business Product
-Consumer Market vs. Business Market
Marketing strategy and Marketing mix is different for each.

3. There are five different concepts, Orientations, Philosophies of marketing management that has been developed over time & they represent a historical development of marketing, which are: -Production Concept

-Product Concept
-Selling Concept
-Marketing Concept
-Societal Marketing Concept
Explain the above statement through the answer to the following questions: -Discuss what is the meaning of each concept?
-Production Concept: assumes that consumers are interested in product availability at low prices. -Product Concept:...

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