Consumer Behavior

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Consumer Behavior
MKT/ 435 Consumer Behaviors
University of Phoenix
January 26, 2012

Consumer Behavior
This paper will give a brief definition of what is consumer behavior. It will also express how consumer behavior is related to marketing. Marketing is the developing of any service or goods that consumer buys. When a company market’s a product they have to define the wants and needs of the consumers. To define the wants and needs of the consumers the company should evaluate the consumer’s behavior. This is where the 4P’s are needed; this is product, price, place, and promotion. And finally a purchase will be make known and a description of how the 4p’s of marketing will be analyze with this purchase.

Consumer behavior is the processes involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use, or dispose of products, services, ideas, or experiences to satisfy needs and desires According to Solomon (2009 ), when it comes to consumer behavior it is the complex part of marketing. The lacking of consumer behavior in marketing would not be considered complete. Most of our consumer’s behavior is deep down like exterior presences thing like the consumer’s demographics, culture, life at home and their social status. Other factors would be the internal factors this would be consumer’s perceptions, attitudes, emotions and the ability to change in new directions. Before any company customs a marketing strategy they first collect applicable data that has to do with consumer’s behaviors in order to meet the objective market’s needs. If companies want to discover what the customers the firm has to include the behavioral principles that make the consumer spend their money. When examining consumer behavior. This consists of experiences and acquisitions that may be current or past. Purchasing trends may describe consumer’s behaviors. Marketing approach must endorse many kinds of research in order to better understand consumer’s behavior. There...
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