Consumer Behaviar in Online Shopping

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Online shopping is the act of purchasing products, services and information through the Internet web sites. It became popular over the years; it made shopping much more easily than before. People find online shopping convenient at the comfort of their home or office. Consumer behavior is "The study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, use, and dispose of products, services, experiences, or ideas to satisfy needs and the impacts that these processes have on the consumer and society" (Lars Perner, 2010). Consumer behavior towards the online shopping is changing every day. They started to trust it more than when it first came out. Any online shopping websites must have a strong privacy in order for consumer to feel comfortable and satisfied. Objective

To provide a comprehensive image of how consumers react and perceive in online shopping environment. As Yi Cai and Brenda Cude (2008), mentioned that the rapid diffusion of computer and information technologies throughout the business and consumer communities has resulted in dramatic changes. Online purchasing behavior noted that there is a huge change in the way buyers and sellers interact. It became one of the most important online activities. It also made a great contribution to the economy. As Hawkins, Mothersbaugh and Best (2007), mentioned that many consumers find the use of information about their purchase histories and personal characteristics to be intrusive. The use of personal information by businesses is an issue of local and national concern. National polls indicate that most consumers are concerned about, and opposed to, the unexpected or unintended use of personal information. However, the majority of consumers fail to exercise their rights under federal law, to opt out of having some of their information bought and sold. The information registered with the online websites should be confidential and it shouldn’t be sold or shared with any other online organization other than where the consumer purchased the product or services. As Jeffrey I. Cole (2001), stated that online shopping has become the third most popular Internet activity comes after that web browsing and using instant messaging. They mentioned that it is even more popular than seeking out for entertainment information or news. University of California, Los Anglos illustrated that consumers of online shopping were 48.9 % of the total of all online users, which shows that consumers started to trust the online shopping more than previous years. As Liang and Lai (2000), mentioned that online shopping behavior refers to the process of purchasing products or services on the internet, this process consists of 5 steps similar to purchasing in an actual store. When potential consumers recognize the need of a certain product, they go on the internet and search for related information about the product. However, consumers find it easier to look for a product online rather than searching actively in actual stores. Liang and Lai assumed that online shopping attitudes refer to consumer psychological state in terms of making the purchase online. Consumers might get attracted by the information provided on the product and images online, instead of going to the actual stores and spending much more time to look for the product. A consumer can evaluate the product or service online by reading the reviews about it and checking the products features through images and videos. Childers, (1986) stated that the higher the positive perceived behavioral control the consumer has for online shopping, the higher the behavior intention for online shopping. Consumers' previous shopping experience affects future shopping decisions, because when consumers have more purchase experience with a given product, they acquire sophisticated product knowledge more easily than the previous purchase experience had similar affects on Internet users for the same reason. When...
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