Consumer Banking in Pakistan

Topics: Bank, Credit card, MasterCard Pages: 31 (8964 words) Published: October 8, 2012


Mirza Ali Huzaifa Sultan
Ghazanfar Ali Zardari

SZABIST Institute of Science and Technology, Karachi Campus

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Spring 2009
Advance Research Method: Research Report

Research Report on
“Problems and Opportunities in Consumer Banking: A Case Study on Bank Alfalah Limited, Karachi”

Prepared by:

Mirza Ali Huzaifa Sultan (0835113)

Ghazanfar Ali Zardari (0835108)

Supervised by:

Dr. Amanat Ali Jalbani

Submission Date:

April 14, 2009

SZABIST Karachi Campus

All praises and thanks are for Almighty ALLAH Who is the source of all knowledge and wisdom endowed to mankind and to the humanity as a whole for providing us the strength, courage and ability to work on this report and guiding us in the completion of this report. We would like to thank Dr. Jalbani for his guidance and help throughout the report.

We would also like to thank all the individuals who helped us in the making of this report specially the one gave their precious time in conducting the interview session with us. Especially we would like to thanks all the staff of Bank Alfalah Limited who we have contacted, without their suggestions and ideas this research report would not be possible. We would also like to thanks all the customers who fill the questionnaire for us. The encouragement and assistance of our parents and friends are also gratefully acknowledged.

The coming up students of SZABIST will find this research report as guidance in providing them a new direction in the field of Research. In the end I would again thank to all the individuals who guided us and gave us their precious time from their work.

Table of Contents

executive summaryVi

1. Introduction1

1.1 Background of Study1
1.2 Problem Statement1
1.3 Research Objectives2
1.4 Conceptual/Theoretical Framework2
1.4.1 Identification of Variables:2
1.4.2 Inventory of Variables:3
1.4.3 Direction of Relationship:3
1.4.4 Explanation of the Relationship:3
1.4.5 Inventory of Proposition:4
1.5 Research Methodology4
1.5.1 Research Design4
1.5.2 Plan of Analysis4
1.5.3 Sampling Technique4
1.5.4 Population & Sample Size5
1.5.5 Research Instruments5
1.5.6 Data Collection5
1.6 Scope of Study5
1.7 Justification of the Research5
1.8 Limitations of Study6
1.9 Organization of Work6

2. Consumer Banking in General7

2.1 What is Consumer Banking?7
2.2 Overview on Products of Consumer Banking7
2.2.1 Credit Cards7
2.2.2 Auto Financing7

3. Consumer Banking in Pakistan8

3.1 Consumer Banking in Pakistan8
3.2 Impact of Credit Cards and Car Financing in Pakistan10 3.3 State Bank’s Regulation regarding Consumer Finance12 3.3.1 Prudential Regulations on Credit Cards12
3.3.2 Prudential Regulations on Auto Financing14

4. Consumer Banking: A Case on Bank Alfalah Ltd.14

4.1 Brief Introduction on Bank Alfalah Limited and its Consumer Finance Products14 4.1.1 Credit Cards of Bank Alfalah Limited15
4.1.2 Car Financing of Bank Alfalah Limited15
4.2 Findings on Credit Cards16
4.2.1 Findings on the basis of Customers16
4.3.2 Findings on the basis of Management20
4.3 Findings on Car Financing21
4.3.1 Findings on the basis of Customers21
4.3.2 Findings on the basis of Management24

5. Conclusion & Recommendations25

5.1 Conclusion of the Result25
5.2 Recommendations26


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