Consumer Attitude Towards the Counterfeit Products

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We acknowledged in this paper the background of counterfeit products ,the problem statement, hypothesis, objectives of this study, research questions, and the importance of this study. Moreover, as well as for the reasons that were carried out, this all provides a clear vision for the readers of what the study about and in what ways it was done. However, more important is how the marketers and the academicians will benefit from this kind of study.

1- Background
By definition, the counterfeit products means those products which have a trademark that looks like the original products that makes the consumer not able to distinguish between the fake products and the original products Counterfeit products are often produced with the intent to take advantage of the established worth of the imitated product. The well-known brands products has the highest level of attractiveness to counterfeiters. Obviously, all kinds of the products are affected by the counterfeiting , from the electronic devices to the pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products. Many Marketing researchers have agreed that the phenomena of defusing the fake products is considered as an economic phenomena, and the reason behind the growth of this phenomena is raising the demand of the customers for these fake products. As a result, the research has focused on identifying the factors that affect the customers' attitude towards counterfeit products. Based on the International Anti-counterfeiting Coalition (IACC) and International Intellectual Property Institute (IIPI) statistics, almost 5% of the worldwide products are imitated, and those fake products are responsible for at least 200 million dollar per a year losses of the jobs, taxes and sales. That means the growing of this phenomena will cause great damages in the future. To prevent this huge problem, serious actions should be taken on national, regional and global level to overcome this phenomena. It is not fair that the owners of the genuine products spent huge amount of money to establish a brand name, brand reputation, for their products and easily, some people use take illegal action of using the brand name to promote their fake products and gain profits without even paying for the brand owners.

Some fake products are easily can be differentiated from the original products while other counterfeit products are hard to be differentiated. The main factor that lead the customer obtaining the fake products is that the counterfeit products are cheaper than the original products. The second factor is because of these fake products are available everywhere while the genuine products are not. The high income individuals obtain the branded products that are offered with high prices for the purpose of reflecting their social statues in the society. So the low income people tend to buy the fake products that look like the original one to reflect this social status . With the factors that motivate the consumer and affect their attitude towards the counterfeit products. The research should be conducted to explore these factors. Is the price the main factor that motivate the consumer to buy fake products? If yes, so why consumer buy for these products with the fact of low quality?

1.1. Problem Statement:
Counterfeiting is considered as a huge business that has started from Asia countries. These fake products are available everywhere and it is easy to obtain these products, be it clothes, bags, shoes and many more. This phenomena affects the manufacturers of the original brands products negatively while it affects the manufacturers of the counterfeit products positively. The manufacturers of the fake products undermine the brand reputations besides decrease their profits. The issue is why the consumers still buy and obtain the fake products while...
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