Consumer Attitude Towards Internet Cafe

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The internet is a global collection of high powered computers that are connected to each other with network cables, telephone cables, microwave dishes, satellites and every other kind of electronic wizardry currently available think of it as an enormous phone system for computers. Each computer on the internet stores resources, including documents, sound and video clips, program, file, electronic shopping centres, animations, pictures interactive content and anything else that can be stored and presented electronically.

And because any person who is connected to the internet is connected to one, one can communicate with anyone on the internet by sending e-mail, posting messages in newsgroups (electronic bulletin boards), chatting in real time in various chat areas and even telephoning and video-conferencing over the net, web browsers have recently become so sophisticated that they enable any one to use most internet features. Netscape navigator and micro soft internet explorer, two popular web browsers, enable to send and receive mail, downloaded files from internet and even read and post messages in newsgroups (electronic bulletin boards).

Now a days cyber cafes are important part of our domestic life and it’s bring IT into real communities, allowing people to use and learn about them in there own way. The existence of cyber cafes in the developing countries like Malaysia, India, South Africa and Bangladesh actually help a lot of people to access Internet easily. A study of Adomi, (2003) found in their study in Delta State, Nigeria, cyber cafes have become very important in Nigeria, as the cost of having internet connectivity is so high that private individuals cannot afford it.


Okon Edet Ani, Chika Uchendu and Emmanuel U. Atseye(2007) found in their research more females use internet and emails than males, the primary purpose of using the internet as reported by the respondents is to search for academic/research information, poor internet services (e.g. slow response time, network fluctuation) at cyber cafe´, and the lack of financial capacity top the list of the impediments to internet use. Their results also revealed that lack of access to the internet, and lack of/inadequate skills by most of the internet users are other important factors that influence the rate of internet use in the country.

Syed Shah Alam, Zaini Abdullah and Nilufar Ahsan(2009) carried out a research to examine the purposes of Internet usage by the Melaka and Miri, Sarawak based cyber café users in Malaysia. The result of their research has shown most of the cyber cafes users are from the younger generation and most of them are students. However, it is not a positive sign when we can see that majority go to cyber cafes for entertainment purposes, but not for educational reasons. The original purpose for having cyber café was to enable people who can’t afford buying computers and owning internet connectivity to have internet access for work and educational purposes. Yet the youth are actually spending long hours in cyber cafes to play online games with their friends and the results of this survey also show that less than 50 percent of the respondents use cyber cafes to search for information and to keep in touch with their friends and family. It was uncovered that most of the cyber cafes are allowing users below 18 years old to enter the cyber cafes and even play online games there.

Cyber cafes are used for different purposes and different segment of users. Laegran (2002) study in Norway reported that youngsters used cyber café to e-mail friends and chat, search for music and films and research topics that could help individuals realize plans for education or traveling. A study in the city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia by Wahid et al. (2006) reported that main categories of use cyber café in Yogyakarta are communication, instrumental and recreational purposes.

A study in Africa by...
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