Consumer Attitude Toward Sst in Banks

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Customer Attitude towards Self Serving Technology in Banking|
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Table of Contents
1.1 Definitions:3
1.2 Need and Importance4
2.1 Introduction6
2.2 Classifications of SSTs6
2.3 User acceptance of Information Technology7
2.4 Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)10
2.5 Advantages and Disadvantages of SSTs11
3.1 Objective:13
3.2 Hypothesis:13
3.3 Hypothesis:14
3.4 Data Collection Method:15
3.4.1Sampling Frame:15
3.5 Data Collection Tool:18
3.6 Sampling Procedure:18
3.6.1 Concerns in Sampling18
3.6.2Benefits of Sampling:19
3.7 Sample Size:20-40
4.2.1 Normality Test:21
4.2.2 Reliability Test:22
4.2.3 Sample Distribution27
4.2.4 Correlation:30
4.2.5 Regression:36

Technology changes our life day after day since the development of technology covers most ofaspects in the life, and maybe all of them. Today, our life has become digital and dependent ontechnology since we are interacting with different kind of technologies to fulfill different kindof tasks in our daily life. Some of these technologies have become important in our life morethan others like computer, Internet and mobile phones. Technology embodied in small as wellas in big devices where today our interaction with them increased radically since it is easy to carry and give us a high functionality. This technology effect on the environment and themeaning of the life is influenced by information technology and the shape of technology. Nowadays, to complete a simple task we need to use technology i.e. for instance writing athesis needs interaction with technology where it helps to reach the work anytime andeverywhere. The past decade has witnessed a rapid growth in interaction between users and machines. Users in the past got the services by interacting with each other where the rapid growth intechnology especially self-service technologies SSTs changed the way we use to interact witheach other to get the service. However, interaction took a different way where dealing withmachines rather than with humans and that is a Human-Computer Interaction. SSTs have longexisted but its importance has grown as advances in information technology IT have createdmany opportunities to leverage SSTs for large gains in efficiency and convenience.It helps to facilitate users activities where users can perform different kind of activities by using them. Today, users use SSTs like Internet Banking, Online Shopping, Interactive Kiosks (Self-Check in, Self Payment machine and Help Desk) in their routine life in addition to many other SSTs.

1.1 Definitions:
* Service:A type of economic activity that is intangible is not stored and does not result in ownership. A service is consumed at the point of the sale.

* Self Serving Technologies: Meuter, Ostrom, Roundtree, &Bitner (2000) gave the definition of Self-service technologies (SSTs) as the technological interfaces enabling consumers to produce a service independent of direct service employee involvement Some common applications of SSTs include conducting bank transactions through ATMs, shopping through the Internet, making reservations and purchasing tickets through kiosks, checking out of hotel rooms through interactive television, and using self-scanning systems at retail stores.

* Electronic Banking (EB):Electronic Banking (EB) is one such business, which refers to all aspects of banking services ranging from making balance enquiries to ordering cheque books to...
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