Consumer Association of Bangladesh

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Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB), a non-government Non-political and non-profit voluntary organization was founded in February, 1978 at the initiation of some dedicated residents in Dhaka who was imbued with the ideas of consumerism, a movement that already took shape in many advanced countries in Europe and America. Primarily started as a social group to protect consumers from commodity adulteration and artificial price-hike it has gradually widened its scope to establish and safeguard consumers’ rights and interests in social, economic, health and environmental issues. CAB was registered with the Department of Social Services, Government of Bangladesh vide reg. No DHA-01247 dated 14 March 1983 and with the NGO Affairs Bureau vide reg. No. DSS/FDO/R-197 dated 2 March 1986. CAB is also a full member of Consumers International. It is funded by membership fees and by grants from donors.

Organization Profile:

Organization Name: CAB (Consumers Association of Bangladesh) Member no: 761
Joining date: 15 Mar 1981
Region: Asia Pacific
Address: 8/6, Segunbagicha, Dhaka- 1000
Location: Bangladesh
Type of Work: Campaigning and/or lobbying, Consumer Advice, Consumer Legislation, Dispute Resolution, Networking, Product Testing, Publishing, Research/Policy analysis. It has 500 regular and 100 associate members. Its mission is to empower Consumers with the knowledge and skills for the effective protection of their rights and interests. The major areas of CAB activities are: Consumer Information & Education, Surveillances & Monitoring on market prices and quality of essential commodities and utility services, consumer’s complaints handlings, campaign for safe foods and commodities, ethical drug promotion and safe environment, studies & research on consumer issues and problems, Advocacy and lobby with the government and policy makers for enactment of Consumer Protection Law.

2.Objectives of CAB:
The major objectives of CAB are to:
1.make consumers aware of their rights and responsibilities; 2.promote consumer education, aiming at raising awareness of consumers against exploitation, and providing them with technical knowledge and support for real protection; 3.focus on consumers' problems and develop a spirit of mutual co-operation and understanding among different groups, associations, institutions, NGOs and government agencies functioning in the interests of the welfare of the people; information and knowledge of various actions about consumer protection with national and international organizations; 5.organize and set-up consumers associations and groups at the districts and thana level 6.Undertake research studies on consumer issues and problems. 7.Generate awareness among the consumers about their internationally recognized rights and responsibilities as consumers 8.Promote consumer education aiming at empowering consumers with the knowledge and skills on protection of their rights. 9.Enable consumers to organize themselves in establishing and protecting their rights and interests through organized action. 10.Arrange for testing of products and commodities to make the market places safer and consumer friendly. 11.Provide mediation and legal support to the aggrieved consumers related to violation of their rights and interests involved in the purchase and use of commodities and services. 12.Foster and develop contacts and liaison with the national and international organizations having similar objectives. 13.Publish educational materials and feed consumers with information and knowledge on consumerism, consumer issues and problems.

CAB activities in consumer education include mainly the publication of a monthly bulletin in Bangla titled Consumers' Voice to provide consumers with information of various consumer issues and problem. CAB also publishes a quarterly bulletin in English, which it distributes to different organizations at home and abroad....
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