Consumer and Industrial Buyer Behaviour

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2.1Information Processing Paradigm3

2.1.1Strength and limitations of Information processing models3

2.2Experiential Paradigm4

2.2.1Contrasting Views of consumer behaviour5


3.1Consumers Profile9

3.1.1Mother Dearest9


3.1.3Look At Me9

3.1.4Convenience seeker9

3.2Milk Purchasing Behaviour and Buying Process10

3.2.1Mother Dearest10


3.2.3Look At Me11

3.2.4Convenience seeker11




Understanding consumer behaviour and “knowing customers,” have and never will be simple. Consumers may respond to influences that change their mind at the last minute. This documents presents consumer behaviour in marketing, reviews the two major paradigms in consumer behaviour (information processing and experiential), their strengths and limitations. Also it presents a contrasting view between the two paradigms. Finally a review of milk purchasing behaviour and buying process in Saudi Arabia is conducted in the last section.


Many researchers describe consumer behaviour as the study of individuals or groups and the mental, emotional and physical processes they use to select, obtain, consume and dispose of products or services, to satisfy needs and wants, and the impact that these processes have on the consumer and society (Olson and Peter).

There are numerous models trying to explain consumer behaviour. These models generally deal with various stimuli, influential factors, the decision-making process and outcomes. Consumer behaviour has been dominated by the information processing paradigm, which perceives consumers as rational decision makers. However, the non rational and emotional aspect of consumption and decision making has been widely accepted and well received by many in the field. This aspect is known as the experiential paradigm.

Both paradigms are important for marketers. However, the use of the paradigm is highly depends on the nature of the problem to be studied and the type of the required decision.

1 Information Processing Paradigm

Information processing paradigm perceives consumers as rational decision makers and problem solver, who carefully consider the functionality of products. This approach is influenced by the cognitive psychology and it is based on the theory that behaviour takes place after people think, make decisions and solve problems (Bettman 1970).

Information Processing attempts to give us an insight into the cognitive nature of human though processes and it can be applied to many areas of life, whether advertising, consumer choice, or education. From the moment an individual first is exposed to a message, or communication, a process begins. This process follows a path along which information is taken into the memory system and reactivated when necessary and the output of this processing forms beliefs and attitudes toward objects (Module MN 7038/D module 4).

1 Strength and limitations of Information processing models

Information processing models currently are most useful for describing and understanding individual buyer and least useful for prediction in large market. There are two great potential uses of such model:

1) As basis of understanding in building better macromodels.

2) In modelling situation where the total market consist of very few individuals like some industrial marketing situations.

Because of the nature of business buying where most decisions have been taken in a rational and more formalized way, information processing models can play great role in this market. In fact information processing models suit business market more than consumer market because business market has the following...
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