Consumer Analysis on Frozen Yogurt

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Consumer Behavior Analysis on Frozen Yogurt

December 5, 2011


I. Foreword

II. Objectives of the Study

III. Methodology

IV. Principal Findings and Application of Theories

A. Consumer Analysis

1. Consumer Affective System & Cognitive Process in Decision Making

2. Consumer Behavior Sequence

3. Consumer Environment

B. Marketing Mix

1. Product

2. Price

3. Promotion

4. Placement/Channel

V. Recommendation

VI. Appendix

VII. References

I. Foreword

This paper presents a dynamic framework for consumer response models that focuses on (1) the relationship between the constructs of interest (i.e., cognition, affect, behavior), and (2) the systemic properties of the frozen yogurt industry. The framework is an attempt to bring together at the theoretical level the seemingly incompatible research positions currently held at the empirical level of analysis.

II. Objective of the Study

The objective of the study is to have clearer understanding on consumer purchase behavior on the product frozen yogurt and how do analysis of consumer’s affect, cognition, behavior and environment influence marketers and companies in designing a proper marketing strategy.

III. Methodology

The researchers were able to gather the information needed first, through an interview with the branch managers of the different companies of frozen yogurt including Frutti Froyo, White Hat, and Yoh-Gurt Froz. The managers were asked regarding on how they set up an appropriate marketing strategy for their product, promotion, price, and placement. Second was through conducting a survey, which based from the information gathered from the interview, to 31 yogurt consumers regarding on their purchase and consumption habits to the product. After the data has been collated and tallied, a thorough analysis of the results was performed to finalize.

IV. Principal Findings and Application of Theories

I. Consumer Analysis

1. Consumer Affective System and Cognitive Process in Decision Making

The respondents were asked about the benefits they get from a serving of frozen yogurt and some answered in line with the affective system (e.g. I feel happy about getting frozen yogurt)

Affect involves detection and evaluation of salience—of what is considered imperative. Affective responses can vary in intensity, in which case the frozen yogurt, in accord to analysis, falls under either among evaluations, moods, specific feelings and emotions, depending on the personality of the consumer and the strength of his perceived goals. A person’s affective system usually responds immediately and automatically to significant aspects. Having stated this, affect then has something to do with the consumer’s self-relevance to the product which will be discussed later in this paper.

Us consumers, we are motivated to meet our needs. The most fundamental need is to live, but beyond that, many other needs must be met and we live more or less well, more or less fulfilled. The relative urgency of a particular need can relatively evoke the consumer’s affect which energizes our motives to meet needs. In this case, so far, we can make a statement that it is possible that consumers of such product feel that there is some kind of rewarding feeling from consuming frozen yogurt. The need here is to feel good. More of this will be discussed as well under product knowledge and involvement.

Most affective responses are learned; mostly from socialization (with family and or friends) Socialization includes being exposed to external factors or the environment. It can be perceived, the connection between external factors and affect. If...
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