Consumer's Perspective on Health Care

Topics: Medicine, Health care, Infectious disease Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Consumer's Perspective on Health Care
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Consumer's Perspective on Health Care
Many of the immigrants that came to the United States in search of the American dream came from countries with poor medical care systems or substandard health care. These immigrants gave up everything they knew and loved; their families, their friends, their homes, their businesses. They boarded large ships with thousands and thousands of people they did not know in cramped conditions. The lack of medical care for these immigrants was evidenced by the medical issues that were identified in the immigrants when they arrived at Ellis Island, New York. Many came with medical conditions such as tuberculosis, glaucoma, venereal disease, trachoma, and other severe diseases prevalent in their countries. Once these families fought through all of the challenges of the trip across the ocean, they were met with yet another challenge when they arrived at Ellis Island. Once they arrived, each and every lower class immigrant had to undergo a medical exam that was conducted by officials from the Public Health Service. They were lined up in long lines and examined by trained medical examiners. The Immigration Act of 1907 gave the examiners a guideline of what to look for. It states, That the following classes of aliens shall be excluded from admission into the United States: All idiots, imbeciles, feebleminded persons, epileptics, insane persons, and persons who have been insane within five years previous; persons who have had two or more attacks of insanity at any time previously; paupers; persons likely to become a public charge; professional beggars; persons afflicted with tuberculosis or with a loathsome or dangerous contagious disease; persons not comprehended within any of the foregoing excluded classes who are found to be and are certified by the examining surgeon as being mentally or physically defective, such mental or physical defect being of a nature which may affect...
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