Consulting Capability Framework

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Health care Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Consulting Capability Framework
The focus of this consulting capability framework is on the role of the HR consultant, specifically within the healthcare industry, although many of the capabilities associated with this activity can transcend into other industries. Increasingly, the healthcare industry is turning towards new and innovative ways of managing its human resources, with particular reference to atypical workers, such as bank staff on zero hour contracts. Furthermore, many of the larger healthcare organisations are looking to establish contracts with agencies in order to provide such staff, and this has created a new challenge for those responsible for HR consultancy, in this area. Opportunities are also arising for HR consultants to become much more involved in the legal and strategic side of staff provision, as large organisations such as the NHS are increasingly looking to outsource this activity (Kouzmin, et. al 1999). Traditional knowledge relating to HR remains relevant. However, there is an increasing need to expand this core knowledge to have a greater understanding of the legal implications associated with agency workers, as well as having a much more strategic input into the day-to-day running of an organisation, rather than seeing HR as a distinct and remote role. This shift in the role of the HR function within the health care industry and the increasing demand for outsourced services has created a dramatic shift in the capability framework of those providing HR consulting (Analoui, 2002). Furthermore, there is an increasing move towards utilising outsourced services for all or part of HR services. This requires HR consultants to be much more adaptable, when it comes to moving from client to client and tailoring their services, based on the strategy of the client organisation. Essentially, all consultants, particularly those who are required to manage one of the most important assets within an organisation, namely its staff, are required to...
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