Consultation About Woman Security

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Recently, The Cultural Academy for Peace in Kerala, India held a conference where women's security and rehabilitation was discussed. Violence against women and how men escape punishment for discriminatory behaviour were some of the subjects that was handled by the academy and the audience. At the end of the conference, a number of recommendations were produced that highlighted several necessary measures to ensure the improvement of women's situation in the region. Gandhi's words still accurate

The conference started with discussing Mahatma Gandhi's message regarding women's security. In his teachings, Gandhi proclaimed that "our country is truly free only when a lady is able to walk freely and without fear, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari at midnight". Even though laws and legislations concerning gender equality have been formed after Gandhi's death, there is still much that needs to be done in India. representatives from several sectors

The panelists at the conference came from differet parts of society. There were representatives from civil society, the Indian government, colleges, activist groups and victims of sexual violence. One of the panelists was Beena Sebastian, founder of the Cultural Academy for Peace and one of Operation 1325's contacts in India. She argued that the conscience of the Indian society has to awaken and adress the need and security threats that many women in Kerala and India face. The other panelists agreed, and lifted examples about difficulties in presenting solid evidence concerning discrimination against women. They also proclaimed how changes need to be made regarding the judicial processes of filing in violations of women's security. Recommendations

At the end of the conference, recommendations regarding women's security and rehabilitation were made and sent to the government and concerned departments. Here are some examples of recommendations created:

Request the government to open rehabilitation centres for women and...
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