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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Consulting Project Phase – Discovery Process

Jane Doe Thomas


Phoenix University

Consulting Project Phase – Discovery Process

Presenting Problem
Agricultural Research Service, Financial Management Division, in October 2011 ARS incorporated virtual work arrangements as viable means to reduce people, real estate expenses, improve customer service, increase productivity and performance. Over the last 9 months the size ARS has reduced its personnel by 50%, offering early retirement to those eligible to retire in 2-3 years. They have also decreased their real estate cost by 69% closing 3 locations and merging 6 agencies into 3 single agencies. Unfortunately under this new virtual work arrangement, employee productivity, customer service, and employee performance is suffering. Management officials have expressed that this is due to the absence of clear objectives and communication between employees and their Managers. Underlying Problem

Lack of trust has undermined the virtual work arrangements of ARS employees. A key component to the virtual work arrangements is that you trust your employees will fulfill their obligation and behave predictably. Most managers found, it hard to supervise, employees. Nor did they know what their employees were doing on a daily basis. Employee have expressed there was lack of communication between not only other employees but there managers as well, this is has led to dysfunctional teams, thereby impacting employees productivity. Causes

ARS did not take the proper precautions to ensure the success of their virtual work arrangements. They did not carefully select the employees or positions for their virtual work environments, nor did employees and their managers receive the appropriate training for virtual work environments.

Understanding and Managing the Problem
Managing employees in virtual office environment...
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