Consultancy Process

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Q. 1: Comment on the quality and use of the diagnostic phase in the consultancy process.

ANS. Diagnosis is the first fully operational phase of the consulting process. The purposes of diagnoses are: * To examine the problem faced by the client in detail and in depth, identify the factors and forces that are causing the problem, and prepare all the information needed for deciding how orient the work on the solution to the problem. * An additional purpose is to examine thoroughly significant relationships between the problem in question and the global objectives and performance results achieved by the client organization, and to ascertain the client’s potential to make changes and resolve the problem effectively. * Furthermore, in practical terms diagnosis is preparation for action (International Labour Office, 1986). In practice, it is often difficult or inappropriate to make a strict distinction and draw a line between the diagnosis and the action-planning phases of the consulting processes. It is not only that diagnosis lays down the bases for the work to follow. Frequently, diagnosis work will already identify and explore possible solutions.

Diagnosis requires a great deal of imagination and creativity in addition to experience in analysis business, management and human problems. Experience helps consultants to define what facts or dates are wanted? Experienced consultants apply the principle of selectivity. They appreciate that virtually unlimited amounts of factual information are available in any organization, but that an excessive amount of such information easily becomes unmanageable and cannot be fully utilized in consultancy.

BY: Md Nurul Islam Q. 2. What consultancy style was...
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