Consult with Clients & Treat Hair & Scalp Conditions (Part 2)

Topics: Color, Mantoux test, Hue Pages: 2 (774 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Consult with clients & treat hair & scalp conditions (Part 2)

Rachel, a 20 year old female has come to the salon to have her regrowth done and her ends refreshed, she would also like her hair to be toned after the colour to eliminate unwanted brassiness in her hair. Rachel’s regrowth is a level 5 and her ends are an artificial level 8, she also has no grey hair. Rachel has a healthy grey scalp with no abrasions but the condition of her hair is quite dry and dull due to past services. It is obvious that her hair has had many bleaching services in the past, which has caused her hair to become dry. She wishes to stay at a level 8 but would like to eliminate using bleach if possible to prevent any further unnecessary damage.

As Rachel would prefer to not use bleach in the service but would like to keep her hair at a level 8 then I would recommend using a tint application instead of another bleaching service that will cause further breakage and be less harsh on her hair. To match the colour of her ends I have chosen to use Kolosten Perfect 8/07 (light blonde natural brown). Using a tint on the natural regrowth will lift her natural level and will colour over her artificial colour on her ends. Before the colour process is started it is essential that a skin test be carried at least 24 hours prior to the chemical service. A skin test is done to eliminate the chance of an allergic reaction to the external contact of chemicals such as PPD (purified protein derivative), or an internal reaction such as asthma, or both! To do a skin test you need to first mix a small amount of tint with the same peroxide that will be used in the colour service. For Rachel I need to mix Kolosten Perfect 8/07 with Welloxon Perfect 12% using a ratio of 1:1 the same mixture of what I want to use in the colour service. I then need to clean an area behind the ear and apply a small amount of the colour mixture. I then need to ask Rachel to report any...
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