Constructionist Presidency

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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The Modern Presidency

The strict constructionist presidency is a particular legal philosophy of judicial interpretation that limits or restricts judicial interpretation. The phrase is also commonly used more loosely as a generic term for conservatism among the judiciary. William Taft, being a strict constructionist; to him meant that a president's power is limited to those powers specifically enumerated by the Constitution. William Taft was looked at as somewhat of a passive and weak. Not specifically because of this form of presidency, but because of the way he used it and ran the country. Strict constructionists believe that the President can exercise no power that cannot be fairly and reasonably traced to a specific grant of power. Such a specific grant must be either in the Federal Constitution or in an act of Congress that has been passed. The Stewardship presidency would be best explained as a strong assertive role of the office not confined to those ideas in the Constitution, but charged with meeting the needs of the people. A president practices a governing style such as this one based on beliefs they have the duty to do whatever is necessary in national interest, unless prohibited by the Constitution. Theodore Roosevelt broadened the use of executive power during his time in office. He believed that he shouldn’t be held back or need authorization as the president of the United States to do something that he believed needed to be done for the country in its best interest. That it was his duty to do this. Unless the constitution forbidded it of course. The public presidency that a president's public relations will promote his policy agenda only if he has high approval ratings. That like Woodrow Wilson stated that presidents should engage in the leadership of public opinion. Examples are meeting with citizens in “town hall” meeting type of venues with question and answer discussions. Another example would be president...
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