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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Construction Zone Challenge

Dear Cook County District Court,

To Whom It May Concern, last week I was driving on a construction zone when I noticed I was driving the wrong way. The construction site was 500 meters long and at first I traveled 400 meters in 14 seconds when I realized I was going the wrong way so I came back at a constant rate. The police officer pulled me over and fined my $500 which was totally fair because I was speeding. I was speeding about 30 or more miles that necessary because the speed limit was 30 mi/hr. At first I thought that was unfair but I figured out my speed by first converting 400meter/14seconds into miles/hour. I know that one mile is 1609.344meters. I also know 60 seconds are in one minute and that 60 minutes are in one hour. Using a conversion chart (see Figure 1) I multiplied across which was 2880000 divided by 45061.632 which then gave me 63.912mi/hr. Then I compared my answer to the speed limit of the construction site and I noticed that I did go over the limit.

So overall, I came to a conclusion that I was responsible for speeding over 30 miles per hour in a construction zone. If I was not speeding I should have been going 30 miles per hour. That would have been another completely different t motion map and graph. My appropriate consequence in tis would be a fine of $500. I honestly think that is fair because I did end up speeding a lot.
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