Construction Workers Health and Safety

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  • Published : November 30, 2008
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Gregory Prescott
October 24, 2008
English 1200
Construction Workers Safety Issues
Homes, Restaurants and the world around us are all made possible by our fellow construction workers. Construction is a high risk job dealing with many safety issues. The issues of safety can lead to serious injury or even death if precautions for eliminating these problems are not being used effectively. The safety problems deal with the equipment used, contamination and location problems. There are ways to lessen the risk of these issues by organizing the construction processes in a more careful manner and watching out for these hazards.

Equipment is used worldwide on a vast majority of things. Construction workers job deal with the use lots of equipment and machinery that can prove to be very dangerous and life threatening. Thus, each year, construction equipment accidents cause a countless number of injuries and deaths (a8). “Construction equipment accidents are just one of the many dangers construction workers face on a daily basis (a1).” The equipment being used consists of a crane, backhoe, bulldozer and front-end loader accidents (a2). Furthermore, crane accidents happen to be the most common type of equipment accidents when it comes into contact with electrical power lines (a4). From being electrocuted to run over to hit by a bull dozer, this is just a danger by far. Truly, “ Adequate warnings of foreseeable hazards should be given if guards to protect against these hazards are not feasible (a5).” Therefore, the equipment should be checked by the construction companies and all workers should get a safety training to try and prevent this type of occurrence (a6). The manufactures should provide all equipment and machinery with warnings and precautions to lower the risks (a7). What a danger.

Dirty water is nasty. Construction sites tend to carry a lot of contamination, which can be a danger to the workers. When building; soil, where building will take place should...
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