Construction Technology and Innovation

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Construction Technology & Innovation.

Individual Report-1000 Words


1.0. Introduction1
1.1. Table of figures1
2.0. Foundations2
-Novacem Carbon Negative Cement
3.0. Structure or frame3
4.0. Windows4
-Photovoltaic Laminated Glass
5.0. Roof5
-Phase change Material
6.0. Building Services6
-Water Source Heat Pump
7.0. External Works7
-Slot Drains
8.0. Conclusion8
9.0. References9


The aim of this report is to look at new and innovative products, materials and construction methods and analyse them, looking at their strengths and weaknesses. It will be important look at things such as cost, thermal performance, maintenance and installation. From this report, it should give insight into the feasibility of some of the technology discussed. Table of Figures

Figure 1: Novacem carbon negative cement
Figure 2: Nanotechnology Carbon Nanotubes
Figure 3: Photovoltaic laminated glass
Figure 4: Phase change materials in flat roof construction
Figure 5: Water sourced heat pump, domestic dwelling
Figure 6: Water sourced heat pump, commercial building


Foundations or groundwork’s-
Novacem carbon negative cement
Figure 1: Novacem Carbon negative cement.
Figure 1: Novacem Carbon negative cement.
The cement industry produces around 5% of the global manmade co2 emissions. 50% of these emissions come from the chemical process and another 40% from burning fuel. For every 1000kg of cement produced then nearly 900kg of Co2 is produced. One of the most innovating and friendly technologies in my opinion is Novacem Carbon Negative Cement. Novacem developed a cement based on magnesium oxide. During the manufacturing process of this new cement, more Carbon Dioxide is

absorbed than emitted.

Advantages of Novacem
* No CO2 emissions from the raw Materials
* Low temperature allows full use of fuels with low energy. * Provides high mechanical strength
* Reduced up to 900Kg Co2 per Ton of replaced cement

* High pressure/high cost system
* Corrosion/reliability of system components
* High energy requirement for raw materials milling
* No information regarding the influence of the parasite oxide that Could be existing in the natural raw material
* No information about the durability of the concrete produced with this Material. This technology is considered innovative and would save a lot of Co2 emissions if used for the foundations. Although it might be more costly than traditional cement, for a greener future, the extra cost is still feasible.


Structure or frame-

Nanotechnology, although it has not yet peaked in its revolution, it is a piece of technology that in years to come will continue to grow across a number of materials and uses. Nanotechnology is basically, engineering at a molecular scale, and deals with dimensions of 100 nanometres or less (1 nanometre is 1 billionth of a meter). Carbon Nanotubes are hollow fibres which have a massive strength to weight ratio because of their engineered structure and when bound with polymers can add strength to anything, such as timbers, Steel or another building material. The use of nanotechnology in the construction industry can provide longer spanning beams, with lower need for intermediate support. These beams can also become thinner and lightweight due to their density whilst maintaining their structural properties. Along with good structural performance, they also have good thermal properties which will benefit the building. Advantages

* Carbon nanotubes create lightweight, but strong materials * Good thermal properties
* Smaller materials, take up less room
* Easier to install due to light weight
* Sourcing of materials may be difficult
* Costing’s
* Still in its early days so there may be...
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